Reach stackers for container handling

Konecranes container reach stackers in the 10 – 46 tons lifting range embody the virtues of strength and versatility. Refined through the wisdom and experience of over 50 years in the field, Konecranes container reach stackers are at their best when working at an intense pace in container ports and intermodal terminals with little room to maneuver.

We offer a very wide range of Konecranes container reach stackers for empty and laden container stacking. Below the list of our main models. Please contact your nearest sales representative for more information and technical specifications.

Our models

Model Capacity Wheelbase
SMV 108 TC6 10-8-5 t 5000 mm
SMV 128 TC6 12-8-4,5 t 5000 mm
Model Capacity Wheelbase
SMV 2216 TC3 22-16-6 t 5500 mm
SMV 2518 TC3 25-18-8 t 5500 mm
Model Capacity Wheelbase
SMV 4228 TC5 (TC6)* 42-28-14 t 6400 mm
SMV 4628 TC5 (TC6)* 46-28-14 t 6400 mm
SMV 4532 TCE 5 45-32-17 t 6400 mm
SMV 4632 TC5 (TC6)* 46-32-17 t 6400 mm
SMV 4632 TC6H (6x9'6'') 45-32-17-9 t 6400 mm
Model Capacity Wheelbase
SMV 4636 TC5 (TC6)* 46-36-20 t 6400 mm
SMV 4636 TCX5** 46-38-25 t 6400 mm
SMV 4638 TC5 46-38-20 t 6400 mm
SMV 4638 TCX5** 46-42-28 t 6400 mm
Model Capacity Wheelbase
SMV 4643 TC5 46-43-25 t 7250 mm
SMV 4643 TCX5** 46-45-31 t 7250 mm
SMV 4644 TC5 46-44-26 t 7250 mm
SMV 4644 TCX5** 46-45-35 t 7250 mm
Model Capacity Wheelbase
SMV 4646 TC5 46-46-38 t 8000 mm
SMV 4646 TCX5** 46-46-45 t 8000 mm
*TC5 = 5 height - TC6 = 6 height / **TCX = capacity with support jacks engaged. Other models available upon request

Strong service

When you invest in a Konecranes container reach stacker, your investment is protected by Konecranes lift truck service provided by the world's most dedicated lift truck specialists during the entire equipment lifetime. If you need technical support, training or maintenance, there is a very wide network of partners around the globe waiting for your call. Contact your nearest distributor.


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