Established in 1995, Dragon Container Services Ltd. (Dragon Container) operates on Tsing Yi Island and at the Kwai Chung container port in Hong Kong. Located on the southern coast of China, Hong Kong has long been an important global financial center and commercial harbor for East Asia. With around 30 employees, Dragon Container provides a comprehensive range of expert container handling services to importers, exporters, freight forwarders and traders at one of the busiest ports in the world.

Keeping things going when the action never stops

Dragon Container offers storage for both ordinary and refrigerated containers (reefers), container rental, weighbridge, loading/unloading and dryage towing. Open 24 hours a day on every day of the year, operators in Hong Kong’s port must move their throughput cargo with speed and precision on tight deadlines. Pressure is understandably high, so the company requires fast and reliable container handling equipment with minimal downtime.
They needed to replace the three older reach stackers in their fleet of six because repairs were costing time and money and reducing productivity in peak business periods. Local distribution partner KCL recommended the Konecranes brand and Dragon Container has been impressed with the high-level performance, reliability and
quality ever since.

Innovative operational vision

Dragon Container received its first Konecranes reach stacker in February 2018, the SMV 4531 TBE5. This lift truck established an onsite record of 8000+ working hours without unscheduled downtime. So just five months later, in July, Dragon Container followed it up with the premium brand SMV 4531 TC5, a powerful lifting machine
featuring a strong frame and load sensing hydraulics that can lift up to 45 tons. Pleased with the speed and efficiency of their new equipment, their third purchase was an SMV 4531 TCE5 in September 2019, a next-generation reach stacker that adds even more power with a sturdy, box-type chassis, a wide drive axle and a long
wheelbase for high stability and safe handling.

All three trucks feature an innovative combination of durability, high performance and smart systems with minimal maintenance and downtime. Ergonomic cabins with easy-to-use controls to maximize operators’ productivity have worked together seamlessly with TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring to bring a whole new vision to how Dragon Container keep track of their machines and plan ahead for maintenance.

“Konecranes has been willing to listen and give us a properly customised solution,” says Stanley Chiang, Managing Director, Dragon Container. “We’ve reduced our fuel consumption by over 15%, and our fleet management is noticeably more efficient. In addition, their partner KCL has provided outstanding local support for maintenance, spare parts and training.”

A new name for a top performer

Please note that the TCE5 lift truck is now part of the Konecranes Liftace family. Look for it in brochures and online as the Konecranes Liftace 4532 TCE5 reach stacker.


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