Lift trucks for your needs

The Konecranes name is world famous for reliable, lasting and technologically advanced equipment for materials handling. Whether you need one or one hundred, a standardized fleet or machines specially tailored for your unique challenges, the Konecranes lift truck portfolio is as varied as our customers’ requirements.

Local environment, climate challenges, load capacities, height specifications and individual needs are just a few examples of circumstances that can vary in each of our customers world. 

That's why here at Konecranes Lift Trucks, we listen to, learn from, design for, deliver to and support you to help you succeed in the unique conditions at your operations and offer a very wide range of high-quality and state-of-the-art technology equipment applicable in multiple industries.

Port and terminal_image

Port and terminal

Handling containers and freight at transport hubs is a specialized application of heavy-duty lift trucks in which Konecranes has particular expertise. Our offering comprises forklifts, reach stackers, empty and laden container handlers, and attachments for almost any kind
of cargo.

Intermodal and barge handling image

Intermodal and barge handling

Intermodal freight travels in standardized containers that move between different modes of transport, such as road, rail and water, without any unpacking. Konecranes Lift Trucks offers a wide range of specialized reach stackers for intermodal and barge container handling. Their remarkable flexibility and performance have made them popular with leading intermodal operators around the world.

Metal production image

Metal production

Metal is hot, dusty and dangerous to produce, so all metals handling equipment must be specially designed for a challenging work environment. Whether you need to move raw materials, hot metal, or shape it in a rolling mill, Konecranes Lift Trucks can provide you with a wide range of heavy-duty forklifts, reach stackers and related attachments to handle your industrial metal products.

General manufacturing and bulk image

General manufacturing and bulk

Do you run a small workshop with just a few employees, or do you operate an enormous factory that produces thousands of units of output per day? The size of your business and the nature of your industry don’t matter.
Konecranes lift trucks can help you manage your processes with strength, reliability and precision.

Food image


Foodstuffs require careful handling to ensure that they arrive safe to eat or drink on their long journey from soil to consumer. With precision, speed and cleanliness, Konecranes lift trucks can help you to load trucks on your farm, move product at your warehouse, feed your factory processes and pack vehicles at your distribution center.

Paper and wood image

Paper and wood

Konecranes has been working closely with the paper and wood industries since the 1920s. Today, we offer the most complete and technologically advanced paper and wood handling equipment in the world. It comprises a full range of lift trucks, fork and carriage combinations, fork-shaft systems, bale clamps, roll clamps and other attachments.
Konecranes overhead cranes work in concert with our lift trucks for a fully integrated solution.

Mining image


A mine is a dusty and dangerous work environment.
Built for safety and stability, Konecranes lift trucks are particularly suited for materials handling in the extreme conditions of both surface and underground mines. Our forklifts and reach stackers can carry tires, heavy machinery, and general-purpose cargo – anything
required for mining operations.

Defense image


Standard containers offer a convenient way to move equipment to various locations for military exercises, peacekeeping and defense. Containers can be easily loaded onto the backs of trucks for road transport, and unloaded again at their destinations. The right forklifts and reach stackers can move many different types of containers under all kinds of conditions.

Energy image


Whether you’re building generators, delivering fuel or moving equipment, materials handling is essential in energy production. These specialist applications often use bulky, oversized and non-standard components, or need to transport uniquely dangerous materials. Konecranes Lift Trucks can provide powerful, safe and reliable lifting solutions for all kinds of energy providers.