The perfect recipe

We believe that the right people make all the difference. Combining that with modern facilities, a genuine care for helping customers succeed, and high-quality products gives the perfect recipe for lift trucks built for your world.

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The people

The people who design, build and support Konecranes lift trucks do their work with a special spirit. It comes in part from our long heritage in the lift truck business

But it also comes from our daily contact with customers. We know that we are only as good as our last lift truck and how that truck will perform throughout its working life.

We love the operating challenges that our customers throw at us: the scorching temperatures and blowing sand of deserts; the hard banging, ceaseless work at container terminals; and the special need for handling attachments that make our engineers scratch their heads, smile, and go straight to the nearest drawing board.


The factories

Our Lift Trucks headquarter is located in the town of Markaryd, Småland, in southern Sweden. This is the R&D, industrial design, and manufacturing base for Konecranes' global lift truck business unit. We have a second home in Lingang (Shanghai), China, where we produce our high-quality trucks primarily for the Asian market. 


Our lift truck craftsmen work in modern assembly factories. In 2020 tact assembly was introduced in our Lingang factory, giving a smooth production workflow. In Markaryd, the office facilities have expanded considerably in 2012, and again in 2016, to accommodate growth in the business. In 2020 the main office building was renovated, giving our people a modern and flexible workspace.


We love having customers visit our factories. You can tell a lot about how a lift truck will perform when you visit the facility in which it is made, so we welcome you to come and see for yourself the care and craftmanship that goes into making your truck.

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The products

Making the best lift trucks might not be the easiest task, but it’s a challenge we welcome. Every day we work hard to ensure the high quality of our products. Safety is also a very important topic to us, and just fulfilling legal requirements is not enough. 

We want to make a difference to our customers and do our outmost to ensure their employees will always go home safe when the shift is over.

We also know that lift trucks are not one-size-fits-all. Therefore, we have designed our lift trucks to be durable, smart and productive as standard, and offering a wide range of features, options and attachments depending on the specific need of its future working site. Even if the needed solution doesn’t exist yet, it won’t take too long before you can have it anyway.