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Whether you’re building generators, delivering fuel or moving equipment, materials handling is
essential in energy production. These specialist applications often use bulky, oversized and non-standard components, or need to transport uniquely dangerous materials. 

Konecranes Lift Trucks can provide powerful, safe and reliable lifting solutions for all kinds of energy providers.

Due to their speed, variety and easy maneuverability, Konecranes lift trucks are also ideal for infrastructure and maintenance support at any factory, power plant or similar facility.

Wind turbine

The nacelle, blades, tower sections and hub that go into a wind turbine are very large,
heavy and prone to damage. With specialized attachments and tandem lifts when needed, Konecranes lift trucks can handle all of these parts, including the 25-160 ton steel plates welded together for support towers. Our trucks can also help transport your finished turbine to its operating site and assist with final assembly


Raw waste or biofuel usually arrives at a processing plant in light, standardized containers from 12-25 tons. Compact, medium-sized lift trucks with the right attachment can easily empty the containers and take them to storage or refilling. Konecranes offers an extensive range of forklift trucks with a 180 or 360-degree
rotation unit or reach stackers with a 45-degree side tilt.

Oil and gas

On an oil and gas field, where the ground surface can be rough, a load stabilizer on your Konecranes forklift transforms the forks into a horizontal clamp to handle unstable goods like pipes, barrels and tanks. A reach stacker can easily transport any large non-standard item like a tank if it is first securely fastened in a special frame the same size as a container


Our lift trucks for nuclear handling are customized to meet the highest levels of
environmental, security and safety standards. For example, forklifts that handle uranium oxide and reach stackers for 45-ton overpacks of intermediate level nuclear waste (ILW) can be tailored for extremely slow conditions and total manual override. Special end-lift attachments fully secure every load.

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Service completes the package

We analyze the potential problems that can arise in your container handling processes, and then design a long-term service program that you can depend on. The goal is to keep your lift trucks operating at peak performance all the time. Konecranes has the skill and global reach to ensure that spare parts, technical support, training and maintenance are available to you at all times. Contact us to obtain the right container handling solution for your needs!