Our most eco-efficient forklifts E-VER 

The award-winning Konecranes E-VER combines the quality, power and productivity of our conventional lift trucks, with the latest eco-efficient technology. Developed with the customer in mind, it’s powered by an efficient set of Li-ion batteries suited for heavy-duty work. It’s equipped with the latest digital solutions for monitoring performance, and all the features that make a driver feel safe and ready for whatever the day might bring.

An increase in capacity to 18-25 tons allows the new range to add significant strength to an already innovative system design, giving the E-VER wider versatility for tough applications in heavy industries such as steel, concrete, mining and ports, while never compromising on performance.

Thanks to Konecranes Battery as a Service (BaaS), customers of the Konecranes E-VER range of Li-Ion powered electric forklift will be able to purchase an E-VER electric heavy forklift without battery and choose the best battery set up that suits their needs.

Be part of the electric future

Would you like to learn more about how your company can improve its work environment with Konecranes Lift Trucks? Discover how to power your business with electric forklifts.

Built for your heavy-duty industries

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A powerful and exceptional performance

E-VER 25 ton driving experience_image


  • High visibility in all directions;
  • Fulfils visibility regulations according to machinery directive without additional mirrors or reverse camera
  • No after-treatment system or tailpipe blocking visibility
  • Battery protected from temperature changes and accidental collision.
  • Following the latest industrial safety regulations according to EN1175:2020
Energy efficient_image

Energy efficient

  • Zero CO2 tailpipe emissions into the atmosphere. 
  • Sustainable for your people, their workplace and the environment.
  • Modern technology with high efficiency and low energy losses. 
  • High voltage and low current keep the energy in the system and less heat emitted.
  • Ready for future legislation and local regulations
  • Same battery and standardized recharging across the entire E-VER family.
  • Improved sustainable company profile
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  • Zero CO2 tailpipe emissions into the atmosphere. 
  • No harmful noise emissions for the driver as well as people in the surroundings
  • Sustainable for your people, their workplace and the environment.
  • Ready for future legislation and local regulations
  • Improved sustainable company profile

Superior driving experience

  • Drivers experience up to 50% less noise and vibration during operation.
  • The most spacious cabin in the industry (+125 mm higher with OPTIMA Optimal).
  • The safest, quietest and roomiest cabin in the industry with ergonomic controls in a
    comfortable working environment.
  • Lifting speed up to 10% faster than standard diesel offering, and able to handle slopes up to 20% faster due to a powerful electric motor.
  • Dynamic driving due to optimized weight distribution.
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Service made easy

  • Identical components and technology across the entire range.
  • Easier support, service and parts due to the same battery and system in all machines.
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to fewer moving parts and consumables.
  • Automatic diagnostics, a maintenance-free battery, and no need for oil reduce waste and save both time and effort.
  • The regenerative energy system reduces wear and tear and maintenance on the brake discs.
Powerful battery setup_image

Powerful battery setup

  • Swedish-produced powerful Lithium-ion battery pack.
  • Same battery in all products, one, two or three.
  • Lifetime estimated to 200 000 kW energy throughput per battery (to SoH 80%).
  • 2nd and 3rd life possibility, buy-back option.
  • Easier support, service and parts due to the same battery and system in all machines.

Efficient and proven technology

Ensure long battery lifetime

Konecranes has a state-of-the-art solution where all components are connected in a shared system where heating and/or cooling keep the battery temperature always at a certain range (+25°C). ​This means temperature won’t reduce/affect the battery charge status.

It’s the Thermal Management System (TMS) and the Battery Monitoring System (BMS), necessary to protect and insulate the battery and to monitor and keep all parameters (temperatures, voltages, currents) in specified ranges, to avoid the over- or undercharge of the battery (or its cells). 

Ready whenever needed

Konecranes Battery Management System allows you to pre-heat or pre-cool your truck (battery and cabin) when connected to the grid/charging. 

It works with a timer. 

Determine in advance when your operations start and get the truck ready with both battery and cabin at the right temperature whenever you need it, for uncompromised performance and maximize battery lifetime.

Get your Lifetime Advantage

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Always connected

To assist you in important operational decisions, we've made our lift trucks smart and connected. 

A dependable team

For the entire life cycle of your equipment, we will always be at your side.