Our commitment to you starts already at the offering stage. But we all know that sometimes things change, and needs that weren't there in the beginning suddenly appear.

That is why Konecranes has launched Upgrade packages.

We have decided to focus on two of the main business targets and improvement areas: Safety and Productivity.

We can help you make your truck as good as new, but better.

Discover our upgrades


Think of your people and look at our safety upgrade packages. These can help make your working environment healthier and safer. 


With our productivity upgrade packages, we ensure that your trucks get more work done on any given day.

Lifetime Advantage. It's a better experience.

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A smart maintenance experience

Our Smart Connected Lift Truck resources give you a clear view of your Konecranes machine. See its current status along with its overall performance.
Then access simple-to-use tools such as CheckApp and Maintenance Planner to put your insights into action. 

Konecranes spare parts are engineered to perform under the most challenging operating environments, and our comprehensive selection of training resources supports lifelong learning.

A clear view leads to smart maintenance and a lifetime of reliable performance

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A wiser maintenance experience

Konecranes digital tools help you to better assess the efficiency, cost effectiveness and productivity of your lift truck fleet. Understand how your machines are being used, the driving patterns of your team, and the overall sustainability of your

When you have a detailed understanding of your fleet, you can be more strategic when you allocate capital and plan your operations, and you can better ensure the safety of your team.

Accurate, up-to-date knowledge means smarter decisions and a lifetime of fleet

A cleverer investment experience_image

A cleverer investment experience

Your lift truck fleet is a significant investment. We help you to preserve its value through our upgrade packages, retrofits and sustainability improvements. You get a feeling of “money well spent” with a reliable fleet that gives you a solid
return on your investment.

When you partner with Konecranes, you have the security of working with a strong and dependable market leader in the lifting equipment business.

The longer you stay with us, the better your investment will look.

A safer driving experience_image

A safer driving experience

Safety is embedded in everything we do. It’s the first thing on our minds when designing our lift trucks, when thinking about their maintenance, and when considering your drivers’ day-to-day machine handling experience. A safer lift truck is a better lift truck.

As technology evolves, we continue to improve the safety of drivers and nearby personnel with safety upgrades, retrofit solutions and specialized training.

Lifetime Advantage prioritizes safety in and around Konecranes lift trucks.

A dependable team with experience_image

A dependable team with experience

With the deep knowledge that comes from many decades of designing, manufacturing and selling lift trucks, we offer you outstanding technology
and expertise through carefully chosen distributors who are fully committed to the success of our customers.

The power of our support begins with the strength of our people. You can be confident in Konecranes, a global leader, as we and our local distributors
work with you. 

For the entire life cycle of your equipment, we will always be at your side.