Every Konecranes lift truck is designed for sustainability.
Our knowledge and innovative technologies help to make lifting and material flows more productive while minimizing waste, energy and time throughout the value chain.

Proper maintenance using genuine Konecranes parts and services extends the service life of your lift trucks with lower fuel consumption, less wear and tear and more efficient use of resources.

Less CO2 per move

The Path to Ecolifting offers solutions that decrease your carbon footprint without reducing performance.

  1. Change from conventional diesel to biofuel.
  2. Make your diesel drives as eco-efficient as possible.
  3. Take full advantage of the latest technology.
  4. Step forward to fully electric equipment.

Sustainability without compromise

Konecranes Ecolifting future-proofs your lift truck fleet by significantly decreasing your fuel consumption, on-site emissions and overall carbon footprint without reducing performance. 

Not only do our factories use renewable energy, but our trucks are available with a range of technical innovations and energy options so that you can choose the solution that best suits your world.

Forever just got bigger

Discover our latest addition to the E-VER family

The new 18-to-25-ton Konecranes E-VER is intended for heavy-duty industrial applications with low energy consumption and zero tailpipe emissions.