The history of APM Terminals can be traced back to a general cargo facility at the Port of New York in 1958. Since 2001, they have been based in the Hague, Netherlands, as an independent business unit within Danish shipping company Maersk, focusing on terminal operations and third-party carriers. APM employs 22,000 people at 75 terminals in 42 countries around the world and handles over 35 million TEU per year.

APM Terminals has a significant presence in Africa and the Middle East, with 18 terminals across the region. Their Apapa facility at the Port of Lagos is one of the largest container terminals in West Africa, offering a gateway to Nigeria’s commercial hub and the biggest city in the most populous country in Africa.

Essential upgrades boosting business

The Apapa terminal offers modern port facilities with intermodal connections via rail, road and barge. Handling over 1 million TEU per year on a 136-acre (55-hectare) site, the port needs plenty of reliable, high-performance lift trucks to keep cargo moving on schedule. The terminal recently underwent a major upgrade to streamline operations and boost the capacity of an already busy container yard.

At the time of the latest terminal upgrade, Apapa already operated 27 RTGs, 3 empty container handlers, 1 forklift and 6 Generation B reach stackers on-site, all from Konecranes. It made sense to continue improvements to the facility with the same high quality of yard equipment. So they ordered 7 more reach stackers and a forklift truck. Standard designs meant manufacture at the most ideal location for fast delivery to Apapa with minimal lead time after APM’s order.

Two of these new reach stackers are Konecranes’ best-selling SMV 4632 TC5s, with a lifting capacity of 46 tons. The other 5 are the standardized Koneranes SMV 4532 TCE5s, with a lifting capacity of 45 tons. All 7 reach stackers feature a long wheebase of 6,400 mm for high stability with maximum loading. The forklift is an SMV 16- 1200C, with a lifting capacity of 16 tons.

All 8 of the lift trucks are equipped with a spacious OPTIMA cabin, featuring large lowered windows with no corner posts for outstanding visibility and ergonomic instruments for comfort and control; high quality core components for high stability, safe handling and long-lasting performance; and semi-automatic fire suppression systems for additional safety in the hot and demanding tropical work conditions in which they operate.

Partnerships win the day

APM Terminals has an extensive history with Konecranes around the world. In Africa, regional distributor Paterson Simons has been working with APM and Konecranes for many years. As the market becomes more demanding, they can offer essential insights into local requirements, as well as the after-sales support that nurtures customer satisfaction and loyalty.

“We enjoy exceptional, long-term business partnerships with both Konecranes and APM Terminals that just gets stronger every year,” says James Savoy, Group Technical Director, Paterson Simons. “Working locally, we know exactly what APM Terminals Apapa needs, and have been excited to bring in Generation C Konecranes lift trucks to help build and update their fleet. We continue to take care of the installation, training, and warranty support on all of their Konecranes equipment.”


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