Lifetime Advantage introduces 4 new dynamic upgrades to enhance Konecranes Lift Trucks

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For over three years, Konecranes Lifetime Advantage upgrade packages have been regularly bringing customers the most recent advances in safety and productivity available for their lift trucks. Now, the latest chapter in this long-term commitment to improving lift truck performance presents four more innovations from Konecranes.

Two of the four new upgrades directly address safety issues. The first safety upgrade, a container checking safety system for Konecranes empty container handlers, allows drivers or service technicians to check or perform maintenance on containers while the container is gripped by the spreader, reducing the downtime needed for container repairs. The system uses mechanical locks to put the driving gears into neutral, block hydraulics and prevent the container from lowering. As an extra precaution, an indicator light on the fender flashes until the driver deactivates the system.

The second safety upgrade is a collision warning and object recognition camera system for Konecranes reach stackers, mounted on the counterweight at the back. When an obstacle is detected in the direction the truck is moving, an alarm alerts the driver, becoming more urgent as the object gets closer. The camera provides a clear image of what is in the truck’s path on the control panel so that the driver can adjust direction to avoid the obstacle.

“Safety and productivity are our highest priorities at Konecranes, so we work hard to include enhancements for both in every Lifetime Advantage release,” says Johan Kårhammer, Global Spare Parts Operations Manager at Konecranes Lift Trucks. “Our latest upgrades are type-specific – for empty container handlers, reach stackers or forklifts – offering an additional level of specialized improvements so that our customers have access to the best range of options to suit their particular needs.”

The other two upgrades in this release are designed to improve productivity on all Konecranes forklift trucks and empty container handlers equipped with an MD4 master display. The first one is an engine shutdown software solution. If the coolant temperature goes over 103oC (217.4oF) or the oil pressure goes below one bar, a pop-up message appears on the display. The driver can then decide to turn off the engine or keep it running. Managing temperature and pressure increases productivity, decreases downtime and extends the lifetime of the lift truck because the engine runs more efficiently and stays in good condition longer.

The second productivity upgrade is a height indicator. When a laser senses that the total height of the machine (in other words, with an extended mast, including the load) reaches a specified limit, an alarm goes off and a pop-up window appears on the display. Settings can allow the driver to proceed with the knowledge that the height is now at its predefined maximum, or they can prevent lifting the load any higher. Keeping the height manageable increases productivity and safety in lifting operations.

“The Konecranes Lifetime Advantage program is intended to support customers in their day-to-day business operations,” says Patrik Lundbäck, Director and Head of Sales and Distribution at Konecranes Lift Trucks. “The success of our upgrades is due to the cooperation of our program team and our global distributor network working together with customers to continuously add value to their container handling operations.”