Empty container handler for your world

The Konecranes empty container handler can lift up to 8 containers high due to its powerful engine and wide mast.  

When buying a Konecranes empty container handler, you are investing in time-tested technology with innovative, eco-efficient features to enhance productivity and cut lifecycle costs. We offer a range of solutions and technologies to reduce engine, drive train and tire wear, extend the functional life of your empty container handler and decrease your running expenses. When your lifting needs change, a well-maintained empty container handler also has high resale value.

No two customers are alike. Every day we use customers' very specific requirements to build the toughest and strongest heavy-duty lift trucks for you, specifically tailored for your world. To assist you in important operational decisions, we’ve made our lift trucks smart and connected. 

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Taking container handling to another level

Two different product families

KC lift trucks empty container handler image

Konecranes lift trucks

For single and double stacking 8 to 11-ton capacity, from 3 to 8 high, these models provide flexibility and tailoring required for any lifting needs. 


Technical dataLightMediumHeavy
Lifting capacity8 tons9 tons10/11 tons
Stacking height3 to 6 high5 to 8 high4 to 8 high
Wheelbase3,750 mm4,500 mm4,500 mm



KC Liftace_empty container handler-image

Konecranes Liftace

For single and double-stacking 9 to 10-ton capacity, from 5 to 8 high, they're strong and reliable workhorses for routine daily lifting, well-known for their high performance and ease of use. 


Technical dataMediumHeavy
Lifting capacity9 tons10 tons
Stacking height5 to 8 high5 to 8 high 
Wheelbase4,500 mm4,500 mm


Safety never ends

Material handling is dangerous work, so safety is the number one priority every single day. 

Digital lift trucks

Always connected

To assist you in important operational decisions, we've made our lift trucks smart and connected. 

A dependable team with experience-image

A dependable team with experience

With the deep knowledge that comes from many decades of designing, manufacturing and selling lift trucks, we offer you outstanding technology and expertise through carefully chosen distributors who are fully committed to the success of our customers.

The power of our support begins with the strength of our people. You can be confident in Konecranes, a global leader, as we and our local distributors work with you. For the entire life cycle of your equipment, we will always be at your side.