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Lift trucks fleet upgrade builds productivity in Tianjin

Since its incorporation in 2002, Sinotrans Limited has become one of the largest logistics companies in China. Their subsidiary Tianjin Sinotrans Container Development (TSCD) offers container storage and maintenance services for the shipping industry at the Port of Tianjin, the largest port in China and the main maritime gateway to Beijing. Some 210 TSCD employees manage up to 500,000 TEU every year in a container yard of 388,000 square meters.

The right equipment makes all the difference

This demanding work environment creates a constant flow of containers in and out of the TSCD yards on a tight, 24-hour schedule. Constant operation keeps fuel, maintenance and downtime costs high and older equipment, using older technology, tends to produce more carbon emissions. So TSCD wanted to upgrade their lift truck fleet with dependable container handling machines that offer the latest in lifting technology for high handling rates and low operating costs, while maximizing uptime and minimizing emissions.

To implement this upgrade, TSCD received delivery of 7 Konecranes lift trucks in 2022. There were 3 Konecranes Liftace 4532 TCE5 reach stackers, sturdy 45-ton machines able to stack up to 5 laden containers high. These next-generation machines add power with a box-type chassis, wide drive axle and long wheel base for high stability and safe handling.

TSCD also received 2 Konecranes Liftace E 6/7 ECC 9 empty container handlers, and 2 Konecranes SMV 6/7 ECC 90 empty container handlers. With a lifting capacity of 9 tons, they can stack up to 6 empty high-cube containers or 7 standard containers. Although both models are powerful, durable and similar in design, the Liftace is meant to operate as delivered, while the SMV is easy to customize, adding flexibility to yard lifting tools when needed.

Fitted with a spacious cabin and ergonomic controls, the 7 lift trucks provide drivers with large, lowered front windows without corner posts, for excellent visibility in all directions. The trucks use a Tier 3 engine to maintain productivity while minimizing fuel consumption and emissions.

In addition, they are all Smart Connected Lift Trucks. TRUCONNECT® Remote Monitoring collects usage data, all of which TSCD can easily access via the customer portal

“Through, we can follow the performance of each truck, including productivity, operational efficiency and fuel consumption,” says Mr. Yu Debin, General Manager of Tianjin Sinotrans Container Development. “We can also predict parts needed for future preventive maintenance and repair. This feature will optimize both time and resources.”

Service combined with technology

Sinotrans demands high-quality equipment supported by excellent service and Konecranes has been able to deliver on both counts. Since 2018, Sinotrans has been operating Konecranes reach stackers and empty container handlers at several locations, and with these 7 new machines, they have a total of 19 Konecranes lift trucks at 6 sites. Every time they’ve introduced Konecranes equipment at another facility, they’ve seen safety and productivity increase, while emissions and downtime have reduced and fuel consumption has dropped by at least 30%. Advanced technology, preventive maintenance and local service have simplified fleet management and operational efficiency.

“We always pay attention to customers’ needs for low carbon and digitization,” says Mr. Ren Daohong, General Manager of KCL Lifttrucks North and key account manager for Sinotrans. “Sinotrans is very sensitive to product performance and cutting-edge technology. Konecranes smart systems will help Tianjin Sinotrans reach a balance between safety, efficiency, environmental protection and cost, and achieve many business breakthroughs.”


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