Our commitment

We care about about preserving the environment in every phase of the product lifecycle covering design, development, manufacturing, operation of the lift truck itself, to scrapping and recycling.

Together with customers and business partners, we make lifting and material flows more productive and sustainable. We maximize lifecycle value and eliminate waste of resources, energy and time throughout the whole value chain. Our knowledge and innovative technologies, solutions and services are the key link in material flows. Our culture is rooted in uncompromised safety, high ethics, diversity and inclusion. We work for a decarbonized and circular world for customers and society.

By using original Konecranes parts and following a maintenance program for your lift truck, you too can contribute to sustainable development. The Genuine Konecranes parts and services optimize the service life of the lift truck by minimizing fuel consumption as well as wear and tear.

You can read more about Konecranes sustainability work at konecranes.com

Sustainability actions

The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup

Since 2020 Konecranes is partnering with The Ocean Cleanup, the Dutch non-profit developing advanced technologies to rid the oceans of plastic, to design, manufacture, and service The Ocean Cleanup’s Interceptor™, which is designed to extract plastic from rivers before entering the ocean.



Since 2021, our Markaryd site is running on almost 100% renewable energy thanks to the full HVO100 implementation

The estimated reduction in tailpipe CO2 emissions from HVO100-fueled trucks both produced and used by Konecranes is expected to be over 300 tons per year – equivalent to 100 passenger cars driving 15,000 kilometres annually.