Lifetime Advantage is expanding at Konecranes Lift Trucks

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When Konecranes Lifetime Advantage was launched in November last year, it centered around a theme of safety. It’s now time for the second upgrade package. As this long-term commitment to improving safety, productivity and endurance of lift trucks rolls out around the world, the new focus is on customer productivity.

The second package contains specific solutions that can be retrofitted to Konecranes lift trucks on customer sites. These are not service packages but are intended to improve equipment performance with the latest updated technology.

“Although safety is our highest priority, it was only the first package of solutions to upgrade everything from an individual truck to a whole customer fleet,” says Johan Kårhammer, Global Spare Parts Operations Manager at Konecranes Lift Trucks. “We are now ready to release the second upgrade, and its main goal is improving our customers’ productivity.”

The package consists of four productivity upgrades, developed to increase the uptime of each customer’s trucks and to extend the life cycle of as many components as possible. In these new solutions, there are two clear examples of how Konecranes is helping customers avoid waste: Tire Saver aims to reduce tire wear and rubber consumption, while the Hydraulic Long-Life Filter extends the life of hydraulic oil up to 12,000 working hours. Less waste also means more cost savings.

The two other productivity solutions reduce the number of unexpected service breaks, which always increase downtime and cause expensive delays. The Spreader Kit 5000 helps avoid accidents caused by twistlock fatigue and reduces the repair time for spreader wear pads. With the right replacements ready when they are needed, downtime is minimized. In addition, the MD4 Control System update replaces the MDL2 electronic control system, which is no longer available, with the state-of-the-art MD4. It’s the same hardware Konecranes installs on all of its new lift trucks.

As with the first upgrade package, the Konecranes global distributor network will again play an important role in bringing the second phase of the Lifetime Advantage commitment to an ever-changing world.

“After the successful launch of our first upgrade package, I’m very excited to see the second package come on to the market,” says Patrik Lundbäck, Director and Head of Sales and Distribution at Konecranes Lift Trucks. “The Konecranes Lifetime Advantage is enhancing service in new ways, but ultimately, it comes back to supporting our customers by improving their uptime and maximizing the lifecycle of their lift trucks.”