Get more hours out of every day

Productivity is measuring efficiency in completing tasks. For a company, this means getting all the important things done consistently, each day, maintaining a steady and average speed. Productivity is a critical determinant of cost efficiency.

Companies are constantly looking for ways to improve quality, reduce downtime, and increase inputs of labour, materials, energy, and purchased services. Simple changes to operating methods or processes can increase productivity.

We know that your lift trucks have to be operational to keep your business running. With our productivity upgrade packages, we ensure that your trucks get more work done during any given day. Together, our aftersales solutions enable you to increase productivity by avoiding unnecessary downtime and extending the expected lifetime of every lift truck. A proactive approach that increases profitability today and in the long run.

This is the reason why, Konecranes has developed four upgrades to help you increase the performance and productivity of your fleet. Simple upgrades that can grant a major control on operations.


Productivity issues?

Below are only some examples of our upgrades related to productivity. More are coming on the pipeline; this is just the beginning. Contact your nearest Konecranes lift trucks distributor and we’ll help you get more out of every day’s work.


KC_Hydraulic Long Life

Hydraulic oil lifetime - anymore worried about waiting oil

With the installation of the new Hydraulic Long-Life Filter, you will not have to worry about changing the hydraulic oil so often.

This filter is able to extend the life of the oil up to 12,000 working hours, leading to less downtime in your operations, cost saving and eco-efficient contribution to the environment with less waste.
KC_Spreader Kit

Minimize the risk of unexpected service break

With the Spreader Kit 5000 you can now schedule your maintenance every 5000 working hours, avoiding sudden productivity drops and downtime, accident due to twistlock fatigue, reducing the repairing time as well for worn pads.

Having replacements ready makes your maintenance break shorter than ever.
KC_Tire Saver

Longer life for your tires - when manoeuvring areas are not an issue

In case narrow spaces are not something you need to worry about, the Tire Saver solution is the perfect fit for your truck and business. By limiting the steering cylinder stroke, the kit installed increases the turning radius of your lift truck but granting a much longer life for your tires.

Maintain performance safety - upgrade your Control System

Replacing your old and now obsolete control system has never been so easy. The new Control System upgrade from MDL2 to MD4 is the state-of-the-art technology and hardware that is now mounted on all brand-new equipment. Upgrade today!



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