Konecranes boosts ECOLIFTING presence in Thailand with lift truck delivery to Mon Logistics Group

Konecranes Lift Trucks_Reach Stacker_Thailand

The Thailand-based logistics company has added two new Konecranes lift trucks to its current fleet: A Flow Drive reach stacker and a double stacking empty container handler.

In the past few months, Konecranes delivered the reach stacker, model SMV 4531 TC5 HVT, and the empty container handler (ECH), model SMV 6/7 ECC 100 DS, to Mon Logistics Group in Bangkok. The company runs facilities in both Bangkok and Chonburi, a port city about 100 kilometers south-east of the capital, specializing in storage and logistics services for cold chain (temperature-controlled supply chains), petrochemicals and containers.

Due to a recent increase in demand for goods transport, Mon Logistics needed the new solutions to manage the balance between productivity, a high standard of customer service and saving costs.

To do this, Mon Logistics decided to turn again to Konecranes lift trucks, building on excellent experiences with Konecranes over the last 10 years. This time, they chose a more innovative and eco-efficient solution with the SMV 4531 TC5 HVT reach stacker, equipped with Flow Drive to reduce costs – the solution cuts fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 25%. The same order included an SMV 6/7 ECC 100 DS ECH, which was delivered in mid-August, just a couple of weeks after the reach stacker was handed over. With its ability to stack two empty containers up to 10 tons each, the empty container handler completed Mon’s Konecranes ECH fleet, with a total of 8 units ordered from 2015 to the present.

In order to monitor the condition of their equipment, all of Mon’s Konecranes units have been fitted with the TRUCONNECT® Remote Services system, which enables the real-time collection of operative data such as driving hours, safety alerts, truck performance and fuel consumption to help plan maintenance needs.

To maintain the efficiency of their own customer services and improve their productivity even more, Mon Logistics has also signed a service contract with Konecranes that includes both preventive and corrective maintenance on their entire fleet of Konecranes lift trucks. By minimizing downtime, regular service will improve Mon’s reliability in the market and make it even more attractive to new customers.

“With the market growing, now is the time to enlarge our fleet to win more business,” says Wikrom Jaruphongsa, Chief Technical Officer at Mon Logistics Group. “We’ve been buying Konecranes units for nearly a decade and have been very satisfied with their excellent equipment, support and service throughout our years of partnership. They’ve helped keep our customers satisfied by offering continuous uptime at our facilities. Konecranes was the natural choice for our next lift truck purchase.”

Another very important issue for the company is respect for the environment.

“We are very keen to find new ways to reduce our carbon emissions, and we’re doing our part by choosing eco-efficient materials and products,” says Kanjanee Accaraeakchitt, Operations Director of the Mon Logistics Services Co. Ltd., which manages container deposits for Mon Logistics. “Of course, we want to maintain our quality and performance levels at the same time. In 2016, we were honored to receive the Eco-Driving Award as part of the government’s fuel emission reduction program, and we want to develop that trend further. This is exactly what Konecranes delivers with their Flow Drive reach stacker.”

Konecranes Thailand Sales Engineer Nithit Phairatphiboon said: “We’re proud to be part of Mon’s expansion project. Every day we build more trust with the Group through our service activities, making sure they and their final customers receive the best service possible.”

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