Improve total productivity with flow drive

Flow Drive not only cuts down fuel consumption, but also enhances the driver experience and increases active operation time. It's a solution that brings concrete benefits to everyday operations and a increase in overall productivity.

What does Flow Drive do?

  • Smooth and economical operation
  • Dynamic at low speed, yet full power at high speed, with reduced wear and noise
  • Combines full performance with ease of driving
  • Increases productivity with greater intervals between refueling

What does Flow Drive mean to your operation?

Equipped with the innovative Hydromechanical Variable Transmission, the Konecranes Lift Trucks Flow Drive concept offers smooth and dynamic operations. Flow Drive combines a driver-friendly ride with a significant reduction in fuel consumption and emissions combined with a heavy duty engine that secures full performance. A new, unique engine compartment design takes care of the specific requirements set by this driveline. To get the most out of your Flow Drive, we provide driver training and service support for you and your team.

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