Safer drivers at a leading Greek port

ThPA S.A. is the operator of the Port of Thessaloniki, the gateway port to the Balkans and Southeast Europe, thanks to its advantageous and strategic geographical location, close to the major Trans-European motorway and railway networks. It is the largest Greek port for conventional cargo and one of the busiest ports in the country, with around half a million TEU in container throughput per year.

The challenge

The heavy machinery and traffic at seaports and docks make them challenging places to work, so safety is always the highest priority. Even with reliable lifting equipment and advanced safety protocols, unpredictable events in such a busy working environment can still lead to significant risks for workers.

The solution

Konecranes provided an Over Head Guard safety cage for protection from falling objects for their two Konecranes SMV 5/6 ECC90 empty container handlers. Compliant with ISO 6055 as required by applicable standards, the Konecranes OPTIMA cabin offers comfort and visibility, while the Over Head Guard safety cage, a steel frame mounted around the front and sides of the lift truck cabin, provides additional shielding and reinforcement for the cabin structure

The benefits

Konecranes OPTIMA lift truck cabins are designed for safety, but an upgrade improves safety even more. The Over Head Guard creates a buffer zone between any falling object and the external surface of the cabin for extra protection from potential damage or injury. Its open design ensures no obstruction to visibility.

“Just like our lift trucks, Lifetime Advantage upgrades are built to meet the challenges of your world. With the Over Head Guard, ThPA S.A. - Port of Thessaloniki has shown its dedication to minimizing health and safety risks in its workplace,” says Emmanouil Athanasakis, Services Sales Manager EMEA, Lift Trucks, Konecranes.


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