Established in 1995, LCB1 Group has grown to be a market leader in export and import container handling in Thailand. Today, under parent company APM, it consists of LCB Container Terminal 1 LTD and LCMT Company Limited, and operates two berths at Laem Chabang Port, about 150 kilometers south of the capital Bangkok. With 360 employees processing over 1.7 million TEU per year, it is a key transit hub for international trade.

The key to excellence

LCB1 runs vessel and yard operations, oversees gate transactions, ensures all documentation is correct – in short, they provide any and all container handling services, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A container facility with so much activity needs robust and reliable equipment, as it is in almost continuous use around the clock. The company believes in providing world-class service, operational excellence and continuous improvement, in order to meet the ever-changing needs of their customers.

To provide and maintain this impressive service, they were looking for the right lift trucks, powerful and durable machines that they could trust. In 2006, they bought their first Konecranes lift truck, and were impressed enough with its performance that they have continued to buy them since then as demand required it. They now have seven SMV 6/7 ECB 90 empty container handlers, with a 9-ton capacity, and three SMV 4127 TB5 reach stackers, with a 41-ton capacity.

Their needs have continued to evolve into 2020, so in May, they received delivery of two more Konecranes lift trucks. The first was an SMV 6/7 ECC 90 empty container handler, a similar but updated version of the ECB. The second was an SMV 4532 TC5 reach stacker (the new SMV 4632 TC5), which brings their fleet to a 46-ton capacity. Popular in container yards around the world, these lift trucks are ideal for the conditions in Laem Chabang. Using the latest available technology, both vehicles offer a very fast total operating speed as a function of lifting, load-sensing hydraulics, and excellent stability. They will help to optimize site operations by speeding up the flow of containers through the work area. Operators will experience a high level of comfort in an ergonomic cabin designed for working long hours in a tropical environment.

“Konecranes machines are reliable and have very good after-sales service,” says Ms Sasiyada Supidanopnatee, Assistant Procurement Manager for LCB1. “The performance of their equipment is outstanding, and years after purchase, a comprehensive service contract has been the perfect way to maintain them. As a result, Konecranes lift trucks run smoothly, safely and efficiently throughout our facilities.” She is especially pleased with Konecranes Thailand, which provides local support quickly when needed, and keeps spare parts on hand so that downtime is minimized.

Both economical and environmental

The SMV 6/7 ECC 90 empty container handler and SMV 4532 TC5 reach stacker comply with local environmental regulations. They both have a certified low-emission engine for extra-high torque at low revs for reduced fuel consumption and low noise levels, simultaneously saving costs while reducing fossil fuel emissions. This is especially important in operations that run 24/7.

“With every new purchase, LCB1 looks for environmental solutions,” continues Ms Supidanopnatee. “Lower emission and noise levels help to maintain the health of our drivers. We are concerned with the well-being of our employees and the environment as a whole. It’s an added bonus when cost savings come with that, too.”

With their reliable, durable and economical vehicles, and strong customer relationships, Konecranes Lift Trucks are helping to build international trade between Thailand and the rest of the world.  


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