Laden container handlers, 26 - 52 tons

Laden containers are paying containers that need to be moved with the right balance of efficiency and precision within the container handling process. Konecranes laden container lift trucks offer a fast total operating speed (lifting + lowering + driving speed). The ratio of lifting capacity to truck size and length is best-in-class. Our heavy-duty top-loaders are very stable and still compact.

Our laden container lift truck models are listed below. Please contact your nearest sales representative for more information and technical specifications.


Our models

Model Capacity Wheelbase
SMV 33 GC3-GC4 30/26 t at 1490/1730 mm 4750 mm
SMV 37 GC3-GC4 35/33 t at 1490/1730 mm 5000 mm
SMV 45 GC3-GC4 43/41 t at 1490/1730 mm 5500 mm
SMV 52 GC3-GC4 45/43 t at 1490/1730 mm 6000 mm
Model Capacity Wheelbase
SMV 37 GC4S 35/33 t at 1490/1730 mm 5000 mm
SMV 45 GC4S-GC5S 42/41 t at 1490/1730 mm 5500 mm
SMV 52 GC4S-GC5S 45/43 t at 1490/1730 mm 6000 mm
SMV 52 GC6R 38.5 at 1490 mm / 36.3 t at 1730 mm 6000 mm

Strong service

When you invest in a Konecranes laden container lift truck, your investment is protected by Konecranes lift truck service provided by the world's most dedicated lift truck specialists during the entire equipment lifetime. If you need technical support, training or maintenance, there is a very wide network of partners around the globe waiting for your call. Contact your nearest distributor.


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