Smart Connected Lift Truck as a new standard in Konecranes

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The TRUCONNECT® telematics solution is now a standard feature on all lift trucks. It allows users to monitor their fleet  virtually in real-time and get insight on asset performances through the customer portal This feature-rich portal is now the single access hub for Konecranes services where product documentation is also available.

TRUCONNECT® Remote Monitoring has been a real success, giving operations managers the opportunity to easily track the condition and use of their assets in near real-time, so they can optimize productivity and maintenance. Driven by customer demand, this is now standard: TRUCONNECT Basic hardware is coming as standard on all new lift trucks since April 2022. The basic package with TRUCONNECT Essentials services allows you to monitor your fleet and get an overview on utilization (as safety alerts, running hours, fuel consumption, tank levels, battery charge status), Maintenance Planner and Service notifications.

Premium services such as condition-based maintenance, alerts monitoring and diagnostics, Work Zone (for geofencing), operating and usage statistics etc. are available against subscription, which can be activated and managed online. Additional services like Container Gross Mass Verification (SOLAS) are also available.

If needed, customers can conveniently upgrade to TRUCONNECT Premium or Premium+ adding additional sensors/intelligence in the machine, for even more advanced monitoring. For example, with TRUCONNECT Premium+ the users can monitor the shocks, the tire pressure and the hydraulic oil aging, as quality and temperature.

“TRUCONNECT makes it so much easier to monitor, analyze, understand and optimize your fleet performance,” says Bertrand Marion, Director, Business Development, IT & Digitalization at Konecranes Lift Trucks. “With all their equipment data easy to access online through our customer portal, customers can increase safety, improve sustainability and boost operational efficiency and productivity.”

Moreover, you can find all up-to-date lift trucks documentation including all manuals for operations and maintenance, machine cards (technical summaries for quick reference) and parts manuals on via the documentation services, as part of the Essentials package.

The benefit is to access all the documentation in one convenient, centralized location so that it is always easy to find. This solution also makes documentation updates easier as Konecranes continuously improves product engineering and upgrades parts. In addition, the lift truck parts manuals are connected to the Konecranes online Lift Trucks STORE so that customers can access eCatalogues for each of their truck models to easily identify the parts needed for maintenance.

At Konecranes, we understand how to help make the daily operations of our customers more productive,” says Andreas Falk, Senior Vice President, Konecranes Lift Trucks. “Being Smart Connected is no longer an option. It’s clear that digital services lead to greater efficiency that helps businesses to build and maintain their future success.”