New Konecranes technology brings lift trucks customers into the future

Konecranes reach stacker with Flow Drive

Customers know that each Konecranes lift truck is an investment in the best industrial technology available. They benefit from ongoing support with consulting, training, spare parts, upgrades and much more - everything needed to keep their lift trucks running efficiently in the unique conditions they experience in their own worlds.

Here Konecranes presents four of the latest technical advances: increased reach stacker capacity, empty container handlers with triplex and free-lift mast, new lighter Konecranes Liftace models and Ecolifting features for greater eco-efficiency.

Reach stackers get stronger

The new, specially-designed top-pick spreader has given impressive abilities to the full range of Konecranes reach stackers for standard container handling. All three rows have one metric ton of additional capacity each, with a fully-laden maximum of 46 tons in the first row. The heavy-duty SMV 4646 TCX5 even allows 46 tons on all three rows. Every one of these more powerful reach stackers adds strength and flexibility to meeting the needs of each customer’s specific operating conditions. Higher capacity also leads to higher productivity as bigger loads can be moved in less time.

Empty container handlers go triplex

Some customers need lift trucks for low-ceiling warehouses. To address this directly, Konecranes has added a triplex mast and free-lift option to empty container handler model SMV 6/7 ECC 100DS. With this new feature, customers can use the same lift truck to move containers both inside and outside a storage building. The truck has a total lifting height of 7,650mm, allowing stacks up to 7 containers high out in the yard, and free-lift means container handling is manageable indoors, keeping the total mast height under set limits. The Smart Lift feature uses lasers to automatically select lifting height based on container size and stack position.

New Konecranes Liftace for lighter loads

Renowned for its productivity, easy-to-use features and small turning radius for tight maneuverability, the Konecranes Liftace range of forklifts now has two options for even lighter loads. The latest addition includes two new models with a load center of 600 mm: the F10-600 C for 10 tons and the F12-600C for 12 tons. Designed for extra visibility, easy maintenance and low fuel consumption, the Konecranes Liftace product family offers a durable lifting solution for operating areas with low-weight requirements and limited space.

Flow Drive leads Ecolifting

Still relatively new to the market, Konecranes lift trucks with Ecolifting features are making an impression as customers move towards more eco-efficient equipment. Power Drive, the first Ecolifting feature, reduces CO2, fuel consumption and costs by up to 15%. Flow Drive, the second, does the same thing up to 25%. Hybrid Drive, the third, gives reductions of up to 40%. Currently, the most popular feature is Flow Drive, with its innovative hydromechanical variable transmission and unique engine compartment design. Five reach stackers with Flow Drive were shipped to Australia this year, with more orders in the book to locations in the Netherlands and Thailand as well.

 “From the very start, Konecranes Lift Trucks has always invested in research and development, and we continue to do so today,” says Patrik Lundbäck, Director and Head of Sales and Distribution at Konecranes Lift Trucks. “Technology never stops advancing. New products and upgrades improve the safety, productivity and cost- effectiveness of our equipment. Our aim with this new technology is to give every one of our customers exactly what they need for their own particular set of circumstances – in other words, for their own worlds.”

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