Lifetime Advantage offers several exciting new upgrades at Konecranes Lift Trucks

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Since Konecranes Lifetime Advantage was launched in 2019, their upgrade packages have always made the most recent advances in safety and productivity available to their customers. In 2022, this long-term commitment to improving lift truck performance not only brings three more upgrades, but this time, it also includes special spare parts deals and an updated eLearning platform.

Two of the three new upgrades address safety issues. The first safety upgrade, Grid cabin protection, provides a protection grille for the front, roof or rear windshields, or any combination of these. Accidents can easily occur in a busy work environment, and the metal grid reduces the risk of damage to an unprotected cabin in the event of a sudden collision or falling object.

The second safety upgrade is a Running board and handrail mounted all around the walkable surfaces of the lift truck, allowing drivers and technicians to move more safely while carrying out maintenance, service or inspections.

The third upgrade improves productivity in dusty work environments such as mines, construction sites or arid terrain. With an engine air precleaner filter mounted above the standard air filter, double filtration reduces the downtime needed to replace filters and extends the life of the engine by keeping it free of micro-abrasive dust.

“These upgrades are specific solutions that can be retrofitted to Konecranes lift trucks on customer sites,” says Johan Kårhammer, Global Spare Parts Operations Manager at Konecranes Lift Trucks. “We’ve decided to release these three new upgrades to give our customers the widest possible range of options to suit their specific needs.”

In addition to the new upgrades, from April 1st customers will be able to benefit from our new spare parts promotions focused on productivity at a special discount up to the end of June.

Konecranes Lift Trucks has also updated the Konecranes Lift Trucks Academy (KLA) eLearning platform with more language options, fresh course content and broader customer support. With access to over 80 free online courses, customers and partners can easily improve their knowledge and skills related to Konecranes lift trucks at any time of the day and from anywhere in the world.

“The Konecranes Lifetime Advantage program is meant to support customers in their daily business as they work towards their future. We make sure that Konecranes lift trucks are maintained and improved through equipment upgrades and knowledge services such as our KLA eLearning platform.” says Patrik Lundbäck, Vice President and Head of Sales and Distribution at Konecranes Lift Trucks. “After the success of our previous upgrades, we can thank the efforts of our program team and our global distributor network as they work together with customers to maximize uptime, improve performance and extend the life cycle of Konecranes lift trucks.”