Lee & Man Group Awards Another Reach Stacker Order to Konecranes

Press releases

Recently, the Lee & Man Group awarded another reach stacker order to Konecranes. The reach stacker will serve at Chongqing Lee & Man Terminal. A Konecranes reach stacker is already successfully working at the Jiangxi Lee & Man Paper Company.

With a lifting capacity of 45 tons, the Konecranes reach stacker is very stable, enhancing both safety and efficiency in the cross-container operation. The wheelbase of the reach stacker is 6400mm and the stability coefficient of the whole machine is 1.74, both of which are the best among all brands of reach stackers. Moreover, Konecranes uses an imported variable piston pump with original packing from Parker. It has the following advantages compared with the gear pump: saving fuel and reducing emissions at a rate of up to 40%, while decreasing downtime, and reducing wear on parts (including valves, pumps, sealing rings and oil cylinders) and reducing noise.

Lee & Man Holding Limited produces different grades and specifications of craft board paper and corrugated paper for packing to meet different industrial packaging requirements. The company has five plants in China, which are strategically located at Dongguan Huangyong, Guangdong Hongmei, Jiangsu Changshu, Chongqing Yongchuan and Jiangxi Jiujiang. In addition, the company will establish production facilities in Vietnam.

This successful delivery of another reach stacker to Lee & Man Holding Limited helps to establish a long-term cooperative relationship between both sides. Konecranes is expected to offer more outstanding products and services in the future.