Konecranes wins order for 3 modified forklifts in Germany

Konecranes wins order for 3 modified forklifts in Germany_image

At the beginning of September, Algeco GmbH (Algeco) confirmed an order of three Konecranes forklifts for their facility in Kehl, Germany. One of the three SMV 12-1200 C forklift trucks with special spreaders will arrive at the factory in December and the other two in the new year.

Established in 1955, Algeco is the world’s leading business services company specialized in modular space. It creates smart living, working, and learning areas in 24 countries around the world, with approximately 250,000 modular space and portable storage units and 3,400 remote accommodations rooms. In Germany, Algeco’s Kehl assembly location makes special containers that function as rooms and can be assembled as housing, offices, and classrooms. The product is light enough for easy transport using container handling methods. Since 2014, Algeco has bought 12 Konecranes forklifts for their 14 locations around Germany.

“We’re excited about our new lift trucks,” says Heino Burger, Material requirement planner for Algeco in Kehl. “They’re updated versions of our first Konecranes forklifts with extra features that will really enhance our productivity. Our requirements are a little unusual, so before every order, Konecranes sits down with us to fully understand our specific needs. Since they’ve always been able to deliver exactly the right machine for us, we’re pleased to make a new order.”

“Konecranes has a solid long-term relationship with Algeco,” says Hans-Jürgen Haupt, West Germany Area Sales Manager, Konecranes Lift Trucks. “Their trust in us has given us an excellent chance to demonstrate our high-quality products and service in a competitive region. We look forward to continuing our work with them long into the future.” 

Algeco will receive three new Konecranes SMV 12-1200 C forklift trucks starting from December this year and carrying into early 2021. These will be specially-adapted 12-ton machines with inverted forks, a reinforced mast and more counterweight than a standard forklift to keep them stable when they stack the company’s 7-ton modular containers up to three high. A short wheelbase gives them a smaller turning radius, making them highly maneuverable in tight spaces. Electric preheating ensures that the engine avoids cold starts on chillier winter days, and low fuel consumption keeps costs down.

Each forklift will be fitted with a special spreader that can handle containers from 2.9 to 6.1 meters in length, and can also have its width changed to three different sizes, at 2.2, 2.7 and 2.8 meters, depending on the demands of the load. The truck’s CAN bus system operates the spreader for smoother lifting and minimizes emissions in line with European Onboard Diagnostics (EOBD) regulations.


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