Konecranes Power Drive; Same power - less fuel

Konecranes is now launching Power Drive for lift trucks, a driveline technology that delivers up to 25% in fuel savings – without impacting on the power of the machine.

The new system is designed to further enhance fuel savings with remained performance for customers, offering also a lighter environmental footprint for their machines. By adding a new hydraulic system configuration and optimizing the rpm in addition to a transmission with lock-up function, Konecranes has designed a system to cut the fuel consumption whilst the power and performance is unaffected. The remarkable new Power Drive delivers the same power as a conventional driveline, but with 15 - to 25% less fuel usage, depending on operating environment, and with lower noise pollution.

Smarter Where It Matters

For Konecranes, fuel saving technologies, without compromising on the performance, has always been a focus by heart. In 2013 we launched the world’s first Hybrid Reach stacker, which reduces fuel consumption by between 30 and 50% and reduced CO2 emissions by an impressive 20 kg per running hour.

Customers now have the option to place a Power Drive system in the new machine they order, and, as Andreas Falk Sales and Marketing Director of Konecranes Business Unit Lift Trucks points out, “Customers who take advantage of this new feature will find that savings in fuel costs will according to our estimates have paid for the Power Drive in about 6 months or less.”

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