Konecranes Lift Trucks starts the new year with a new reach stacker for empty container handling and an upgraded spreader

Press releases

The year has just begun and Konecranes has already introduced two exciting technical developments to their lift trucks range: reach stackers to handle heavier empty containers and spreaders with an increased capacity.

Not all containers are fully loaded when stuffed for transit or completely emptied when they reach their destination. So Konecranes has introduced the SMV 128 TC6 reach stacker for semi-laden and empty containers that can handle up to 12 tons. The new equipment offers customers the flexibility to handle a wider variety of lighter containers with safety and efficiency.

A new, stronger combi spreader, for the handling of laden ISO containers and trailers, is now available for Konecranes reach stackers designed for intermodal operations. These lift trucks combine a long wheelbase with excellent maneuverability and can now add one additional metric ton to their lifting capacity on each row. The ability to handle bigger loads adds strength and flexibility to daily operations, raising productivity by moving more in less time.

Intermodal reach stackers are available with two Konecranes Ecolifting options to lower carbon emissions. Firstly, Flow Drive reduces CO2, fuel consumption and costs by up to 25% using an innovative hydromechanical variable transmission and a unique engine compartment design. Secondly, all new generation Konecranes reach stackers can be run on HVO100, a 100% renewable and fossil-free chemical copy of regular diesel that can reduce fossil-based carbon emissions by up to 90%. Besides these Ecolifting options, the new intermodal reach stackers are fitted with TRUCONNECT® Basic hardware, allowing users to monitor their fleet in near real-time and get insights on the assets conditions, operational efficiency (including emissions) and productivity through yourKONECRANES.com customer portal.

“Lift truck technology is constantly advancing,” says Patrik Lundbäck, Vice President, Sales and Distribution, Lift Trucks, Konecranes. “Innovations and upgrades improve the safety, productivity and fuel efficiency of our equipment and provide our customers with an ever-expanding range of options. Our aim is to help them to build a reliable, high-performance lift truck fleet for the specific needs of their own worlds.”