Konecranes launches new eLearning platform

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In 2021, in order to help customers and partners learn more about Konecranes Lift Trucks products and services, the company eLearning platform is being updated to a new platform with fresh look and redesigned interface. While it’s not always possible to travel to manufacturer or customer sites, online courses are always available anywhere you are to develop your team’s knowledge and skills.

The importance of training should never be underestimated. It’s key to every successful company. A structured training program strengthens skills and creates independent workers who can be relied on to do their jobs well.

For this reason, Konecranes Lift Trucks Academy (KLA) is launching a new, user-friendly eLearning platform for all those who deal with Konecranes products on a regular basis. Easy to access, this portal works both on- and offline, with managers creating their own team based on user type, and assigning tailor-made courses to different learner groups. The courses increase knowledge step by step, so that learners gradually advance in their specific fields. More features will be added over time, including multiple language versions and direct access to service information.

“We created different macro areas, such as Service and Spare Parts, to allow users to focus their training on specific needs,” says David Andersen, Global Training & Documentation Manager at Konecranes Lift Trucks. “Now managers can organize their own teams, assign courses to designated personnel, monitor performance statistics, set KPIs and receive notifications when the training has been completed.”

The coming booking feature allows the scheduling of face-to-face training, whether online, on-site or at an equipment factory. All participant information, such as personal, flight and accommodation details can be listed on the platform as well, and are accessible to trainers, team leaders and learners. Once the physical training is scheduled, the trainer can recommend necessary courses and keep track of attendance, to make sure that all trainees are at the right knowledge level before starting.

Monitoring the skill levels within a team and booking training have never been so easy.

“This is a great achievement for all of us,” David continues. “We’re very proud of the work we’ve been doing to develop a smart and user-friendly training platform to help our customers to build on their success.”

Access KLA at kla.kclifttrucks.com.