Konecranes introduces 11-ton empty container handler



In May 2019, Konecranes Lift Trucks is launching the SMV ECC 6/7 110 DS, an empty container handler with a double stack capacity of up to 11 tons. The new vehicle will join the fleet of versatile lift trucks already available from Konecranes.

Dubbed the “No limitations Empty Container Handler”, it makes full use of the ELME 580 Innovation, an 11-ton telescopic side lift spreader for handling two empty containers simultaneously. With horizontal lifting hooks and side clamps, loads are always secure and safe. Specifically designed for heavy-duty double handling applications, and less sensitive to eccentric loading, it can even lift double reefer containers with aligned refrigerators. Hydraulic Powered Pile Slope (sideways articulation), a popular feature that makes it easier to attach containers from the side, is now standard.

“This is also the first lift truck to use Smart Lift, an automatic height positioning system for empty container handlers,” says Håkan Andersson, Product Manager, Konecranes Lift Trucks. “Driver stress will reduce and that will greatly improve efficiency.”

Add to this a stronger, lighter and more robust design for extended uptime and reduced maintenance. With an optimized hydraulic system, better visibility and comfort for the driver, and the ability to zip around terminals on a D8 engine, this lift truck is one of the most dynamic and powerful currently available.

It’s the first 11-ton double-stacking empty container handler from Konecranes. Just like other Konecranes lift trucks, a flexible design allows modification for different height requirements and a range of customizable options.

Those options include TRUCONNECT®, a remote monitoring service that creates Smart Connected Lift Trucks to track usage with real-time data and geofencing. Onboard the vehicle, container weighing, alert notifications and overrides can help prevent dangerous overload for better safety. And Power Drive, a Konecranes ECOLIFTING solution, gives an environmentally-sound choice which maintains full performance while reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions by up to 15%.

 “We’ve seen an increase in demand for empty handlers with double handling and 11-ton capacity, especially from countries that export a lot of fruit in reefer containers,” says Patrik Lundbäck, Director of Sales and Distribution, Konecranes Lift Trucks. “This truck’s ability to lift offset loads means increased productivity for operators, as it can handle any type of empty container.” 


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