Konecranes do the heavy lifting for Valport, Canada

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Valport Maritime Services recently purchased two new machines from Konecranes in Sweden. The Canadian stevedore opted for a SMV16-200C forklift and a SMV 4531 TB5 reach stacker. The machines arrived at the port mid-2015, and early 2016 respectively.

Valport provides stevedoring services at the Port of Valleyfield. Known as Canada’s largest small port, Valleyfield is a multi-modal port 70kms outside of Montreal, with access to both the Atlantic and the Great Lakes.

The two new machines are destined to work with a variety of cargo; the port is known for its flexibility across a wide range of cargo and tends to handle everything from yachts to dry bulk and steel to containers. Another critical function the forklift and the reach stacker will support is Valport’s role in the annual sealift – a critical re-supply of arctic communities in Northern Quebec and Nunavut. “We are very pleased with our two recent purchases from Konecranes.  Our SMV 4531 TB5 reach stacker has added more speed, productivity and safety to our port operations,” says Mark Beale, Valport Purchaser. The new machine has been attracting a lot of positive comments from shippers and operators, Mark continues, “The operators are impressed with its advanced technology and the tight handling the machine can manage.”

Praise is equally high for the Konecranes forklift. As Marks continues, “Then there is our hard-working SMV16-1200C forklift, which has attracted nothing but positive feedback from vessels during offloading and loading of steel product and general cargo. Our company looks forward to a bright future with Konecranes equipment,” Mark concludes.

“Our new partnership with Valport is very exciting, we are thrilled to see that the machines are already making a real impact at the Port of Valleyfield, and we remain 100% committed to Mark and the Valport’s operations team for support and backup“, says John Elisson, Konecranes Lift Trucks Regional Manager, Americas, together with Glenn Hughes, Konecranes Product Manager at Strongco Canada, who have been a Konecranes distributor since 2013.

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