Konecranes to deliver 7 tailored forklifts to the north of Italy

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In January 2021, La Cisa Trasporti Industriali S.r.l. (La Cisa) ordered a total of seven Konecranes forklift trucks for their operations in northern Italy, with four 25-ton trucks going to Padua and three 33-ton trucks destined for Dalmine, Bergamo. Customized for use in special industrial applications and steel handling, the trucks will be delivered in July2021.

La Cisa started as a few-man family company in 1969. Today, it is an international provider of logistics services, warehouse management and vehicle rentals. In addition, through their internal division La Cisa Technology s.r.l., they design and produce equipment for highly specific uses and handling, which they sell all over the world.

With their head office in Dalmine (Bergamo), near Milan, they employ more than 300 people in five countries. As their business continues to develop into 2021, they can see a clear need to expand operational flexibility with additional forklifts that offer greater lifting capacity and the opportunity to unify their fleet for reliability, responsiveness and up-to-date technology. Thanks to strong local support from regional distributor Movincar S.p.A., they decided to order from Konecranes because they had already been using four Konecranes SMV 25-1200 C forklifts, delivered from 2016 to 2019, and have been impressed with their efficiency and performance.

“We have unusual requirements,” says Roberto Provenzi, Area Manager and Co-founder and owner of the Croatian branch, La Cisa. “These forklifts need specialized attachments with a combination of strength and precision, and Konecranes has been able to provide exactly that. From first contact to clarifying our requirements, through to the offer and our final order, Movincar have always given excellent service on behalf of Konecranes. We know we will continue to receive the support we need during assembly, commissioning and future maintenance.”

“The fact that La Cisa chose Konecranes to update their fleet is testament to both the quality of our equipment and our strong business relationship,” says Tommaso Chindemi, Area Manager, Konecranes Lift Trucks and Liftace. “When they receive their new lift trucks later this year, we trust that the testing period will give them the confidence to finalize the purchase of two additional SMV 33-1200 C forklifts that they have optioned in this order. We look forward to continuing our work with La Cisa long into the future.”

The four Konecranes SMV 25-1200 C forklift trucks going to Padua are standard models with a range of features to enhance their performance, including an automatic greasing system, extra lighting, and the ability to set a speed limit. Their main function will be to handle iron and steel products, mostly billets and bars. The three Konecranes SMV 33-1200 C heading for Dalmine will be fitted with an additional hydraulic cooling system and an electric tilting cabin to simplify maintenance. They will also have structural adjustments to allow for the installation and use of La Cisa electromagnets. The magnets are for the improved handling of steel bars, pipes, slab and billets up to 500°. 

Both models will have special strengthening reinforcements for the carriage and mast, as well as added counterweights for high-capacity loads in different formations. All of the new lift trucks will be equipped with TRUCONNECT® Basic and La Cisa TMS (tracking machine system) for remote monitoring, so that La Cisa always has a clear overview of the status of their fleet in near real time, for usage statistics, easier maintenance planning, and the ability to track KPIs through the yourKONECRANES customer portal.

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