Konecranes adds exciting developments to Lift Trucks eLearning platform


After the success of the redesigned eLearning portal launched last year, customers and partners of Konecranes Lift Trucks can now access fresh eLearning material for 2022, such as new language options, product education and license training, as well as additional functions for customer support personnel.

Konecranes Lift Trucks Academy (KLA) is constantly developing its online courses to improve knowledge and skills related to Konecranes products for customers and partners. Lots of new materials have been introduced for 2022, including: German, Spanish or French language options; training for the Lift Trucks pure electric flagship, the E-VER forklift and operator license training (in Sweden), which are planned to be ready at the end of March. All eLearning is available for free 24/7, anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

Managers from organizations that deal with Konecranes products on a regular basis can also book individual or group face-to-face training via the KLA portal. Before face-to-face training, participants receive a preparation package, which is returned to the trainer. This allows the trainer to tailor the content of training according to participants needs and maximize learning. Managers can follow the progress of their personnel and receive discounts for further courses based on training performance.

“The more our partners, distributors and end customers know about our products, the less downtime they will need for service and maintenance,” says David Andersen, Global Training & Documentation Manager at Konecranes Lift Trucks. “This gives them a better-quality experience with Konecranes, more satisfied work teams, and ultimately, more profits for their operations.”

Interest in eLearning has recently exploded. In the five-year period from 2016 to 2020, just 1,832 courses were completed, but in 2021 alone, the amount of completed courses reached 7,406 - an increase of 404%. There are two key reasons for this. Firstly, in early 2021, Konecranes Lift Trucks launched the new eLearning portal. Secondly, the global pandemic has prevented most travel, so eLearning has provided an alternative to face-to-face training using the latest in modern communications technology. KLA now offers 82 eLearning courses.

For Konecranes personnel, an internal Trainer Portal on the eLearning platform gives a comprehensive view of what Konecranes Lift Trucks training - both in-person and online - is available around the world. Salespeople and technicians can follow the progress of training in their specialist areas. Automated administration processes allow trainers to easily share their material, make updates and translations, track courses, and even substitute trainers if one becomes unavailable. And all this data provides a clear path for planning future Lift Trucks training programs.

"At the start of 2021, we set a goal to reach a total of 5,000 completed courses for the year," continues David Andersen. "So when we finished with over 7,400, I was stunned. And now we've reached a total of 10,000 participants since our eLearning began in 2016. We're not going to stop traveling to provide in-person training, but now we'll only send trainers for certain selected courses that really need somebody present. Thanks to our eLearning platform, we are able to reach even more people with what could be the best training available in the industry."


Access KLA at kla.kclifttrucks.com

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