Established in 2010, Depot Service Rauma Ltd (DSR) runs container services at the Port of Rauma, on the western Finnish coast. They handle, inspect, repair, store and sell empty containers for shipping customers coming through the port. With just 15 employees, they provide a valuable service for what is the largest port in the region and Finland’s largest paper exporting port.

Fast-moving, high-tech container movers

DSR serves container owners, container leasing companies, and major shipping lines. Mostly, they move empty containers in and out of the depot area. However, containers suffer wear and tear from use, and need regular service and repairs, so they must sometimes be taken to a repair yard as well and transported to the interchange area, where the terminal operator prepares them for loading. Running on tight schedules, a high volume of containers must be in exactly the right place at exactly the right time, so DSR needs safe, fast and powerful equipment with low downtime.

In 2015, DSR bought their first Konecranes lift truck empty container handler. After some time of operation with the initial unit, the drivers requested some specific adjustments for their particular working environment that would have improved their comfort and work efficiency. Konecranes were able to provide a machine with every one of their requirements met which in 2017 led to an order for 3 more units with this improved specification.

They now have a total of four Konecranes SMV 7/8 ECC 90 empty container handlers with a 9-ton capacity. This particular model can sense the container load, adapting its lifting power to the weight, and can go 8 containers high thanks to its wide mast. Ideal for the harsh Finnish winter, it has reheaters for both the engine and hydraulics, and a pausebreak heater for when the engine is shut down or idling. A light console on the roof, a reverse alarm and a rotating warning beacon all maximize visibility and safety. The special modifications requested by the drivers were increased spreader working speeds, additional platforms in front of the cabin window for cleaning and a high-mounted, tilted cabin for better visibility and ergonomics.

Through TRUCONNECT® Premium, the Operations Manager monitors the four lift trucks remotely, as his office is off-site. RFID Smart-Start gives access to driver performance data to help plan training.

“These Konecranes machines have significantly improved our speed, productivity and safety while minimizing operational costs,” says Teemu Heikkala Finance Manager at DSR. “Konecranes really listened to our drivers and we consider them to be a vitally important partner supplier. We will be discussing our next lift truck purchase with Konecranes.”

Saving the environment while saving costs

The World Health Organization says that Finland has the best air quality in the world, and it has very strict environmental regulations to ensure that the air stays clean. All the SMV 7/8 ECC 90 empty container handlers follow these local rules. With a certified low-emission engine for extra-high torque at low revs, both fuel consumption and noise levels are low as well. DSR also chose the HLL (Hydraulic Long-Life) filter system, which extends the life of hydraulic oil up to three times longer than a traditional filter, and the automatic engine shut-down timer, to ensure fuel is never wasted.

“Our drivers operate and take care of the lift trucks as if they owned the machines themselves,” continues Mr Heikkala. “Lower emissions and noise levels not only help to maintain their health and benefit the environment, but a decrease in operating expenses also makes our business far more cost efficient. It’s a winning solution for
everybody: us, our drivers and Konecranes.”

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