Konecranes lift trucks reach stacker intermodal models

Our models

Model Capacity Wheelbase
SMV 4224 CC5 42-24-10t 6,400 mm
SMV 4628 CC5 46-28-14t 6,400 mm
SMV 4632 CC5 46-32-17t 6,400 mm
SMV 4632 CCX5*** 46-34-21t 6,400 mm
SMV 4634 CC5 46-34-17t 6,400 mm
SMV 4634 CCX5*** 46-38-25t 6,400 mm

Model Capacity Wheelbase
SMV 4638 CC5 46-38-22t 7,250 mm
SMV 4638 CCX5 46-41-29t 7,250 mm
SMV 4639 CCX4 46-41-34.5t 7,500 mm
SMV 4639 CC5 46-39-24t 7,500 mm
SMV 4639 CCX5*** 46-41-33t 7,500 mm

Model Capacity Wheelbase
SMV 4646 CC5 46-46-34t 8,000 mm
SMV 4646 CCX5*** 46-46-45t 8,000 mm

*** CCX= Capacity with support jacks engaged. Other models upon request

We have the attachment_intermodal spreader_image

Special handling needs

We have the right attachment.

You’ll find your lifting solution in our complete range of attachments for intermodal handling reach stackers, to fulfill your daily handling needs.