Reach stackers for industrial handling

Konecranes industrial reach stackers are ideal for the most challenging industrial handling applications. Do you need to handle special materials, 35-80 tons, in an industrial environment where safety and operational efficiency cannot be compromised? Is the material you need to handle unique in size and shape? Do you work with a material such as steel, which has to be handled in different ways along the various phases of the manufacturing process, with changing material temperatures?

Our industrial reach stackers are designed specifically for the environments in which they are used. Their versatility and agility allow you to reduce transportation costs, an important benefit in businesses where material handling is a major production cost. 

Please refer to our below list of product and contact your nearest sales representative for more information and technical specifications.

Our models

Model Capacity Wheelbase
SMV 4228 35-50 tons 6400 mm
SMV 4628 35-50 tons 6400 mm
SMV 4632 35-50 tons 6400 mm
SMV 4636 35-50 tons 6400 mm
Model Capacity Wheelbase
SMV 4643 40 - 60 tons 7250 mm
SMV 4644 40 - 60 tons 7500 mm
SMV 4646 40 - 80 tons 8000 mm

Special industrial attachments

We offer a complete range of attachments for each model including spreaders with a steel grab, magnets, C-hooks, a vacuum spreader, and many others. Every model is equipped with electronic overload protection to help you keep your products, storage facilities and drivers safe.

Strong service

When you invest in a Konecranes industrial reach stacker, your investment is protected by Konecranes lift truck service provided by the world's most dedicated lift truck specialists during the entire equipment lifetime. If you need technical support, training or maintenance, there is a very wide network of partners around the globe waiting for your call. Contact your nearest distributor.


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