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Since 2006, Ilim Timber Bavaria GmbH (Ilim) have been operating one of the world’s most modern sawmill and planing mill in the town of Landsberg am Lech in southern Germany. With 320 employees, they process sawn and planed timber products from softwood for the regional and international market. The plant obtains most of its raw material directly from the region. Ilim products are used primarily in house construction and packaging industries, but also in the wood-based materials business. The main sales area for the sawn timber produced is Germany, but they have been successful throughout Europe as well and in Asia, United States and the Middle East & North Africa region.

Moving lumber quickly and efficiently

Every day, Ilim needs to remove large packages of sawn lumber from their sawmill, supply their drying kilns, fill their production lines in the planing mill, and load long-haul trucks and railway freight cars in their shipping department. The outgoing lumber is used for, among other things, building construction materials and industrial packaging like pallets and containers. In order to stick to strict timetables and avoid damage, the lumber products must be moved with speed and precision, so Ilim needs high-quality forklift trucks running continuously for long hours.

The factory currently has three Konecranes SMV 16-1200 C forklifts, one of which was delivered in December 2020, and two more, which arrived on-site in March 2021. With a wheelbase of just 3,750 mm, this particular model is designed specifically for maneuverability, a valuable feature in the constantly changing environment of the lumber yard. Its overall stability also helps the Ilim drivers protect their wood cargo from accidents and damages. 

In addition, Ilim asked for two special options. The first is an extra spotlight to illuminate the area around the door to the forklift cab, providing more visibility when drivers enter or exit the truck. Secondly, a protective case shields the central lubrication and hydraulic oil cooler, as components mounted on the exterior surface are at risk of being damaged in the busy mill environment and by potential pieces of wood falling from stacks. 

The Konecranes lift trucks include ultrafine filtering that increases the oil change interval, maintenance-free brakes, intelligent machine control to monitor the main control systems that keep downtime low and reduce the price of maintenance. All three of the vehicles are also fitted with a spacious, ergonomic cabin with easy-to-use controls, and wide windows with no front corner posts for excellent lines of sight in all directions. 

Building high-quality relationships

Local partner Gruma, a specialist in industrial vehicles, has provided very good service, with quick response times and technical expertise whenever Ilim has needed it. 

“We specifically wanted forklifts with a highly efficient engine that would minimize our downtime and maintenance costs,” says Stefan Holzmann, Engineering and Projects Manager. “Uwe Höß, Sales responsible for Konecranes in our region, really listened to our concerns and provided exactly what we asked for – even the unusual options. Konecranes was professional, helpful and friendly every step of the way, delivering a good product while showing care for the customers they serve.” 


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