Customer story

Moving building parts: a concrete solution

Since 1992, Elementa Betonfertigteile GmbH (Elementa) have been producing precast concrete parts for building and civil engineering in the town of Forst in the southwest of Germany near Karlsruhe. With over 50 employees, their main products are semi-finished ceiling and wall elements for private customers, construction companies and investors. Located near major metropolitan areas, they can easily access business opportunities in the region.

The new generation has arrived

Elementa needs to move their precast concrete elements from production to storage, and load heavy trucks to take them to construction sites for assembly. To ensure that tight delivery timetables are met and there is no damage in the process, the concrete building elements must be moved quickly and accurately. The lift trucks they use are an essential part of the production line and loading process, so Elementa needs high-quality forklifts that can run without a break for the whole of every work day.

The factory currently operates two Konecranes forklifts. The first, a 25-ton SMV 25-1200 A, is still performing just as well today as it did when Elementa first acquired it some 15 years ago, its longevity in a demanding work environment a testament to its careful design and solid construction. Working with a Konecranes lift truck gave Elementa the opportunity to experience the high quality, dynamic technical support and low cost of ownership. So when the time was right, they opted for a similar forklift, but updated with the latest technology and design improvements.

Their second Konecranes forklift, a 28-ton SMV 28-1200 C, was delivered in October 2021. A new-generation version of the earlier model with a slightly higher capacity, it features a sturdy wheelbase of 4,500 mm for the heavy lifting required to move the precast concrete. Its overall stability also helps the Elementa drivers protect the building elements from accidents as they load it onto the forklift and take it to storage or trucks that will move it off-site. The new lift truck has been fitted with a spacious, ergonomic cabin with easy-to-use controls and driver comfort, and wide windows with no front corner posts for excellent lines of sight in all directions.

It also includes a range of features such as individual fork positioning, auto engine, lighting and ignition shutdown, and a height indicator laser, as well as the latest fuel-efficient engine for less exhaust emissions, compliance with tough EU environmental regulations, and reduced noise.

Good relationships look towards the future

“They specifically wanted a highly efficient engine that would minimize downtime and maintenance costs,” says Uwe Höss, Sales Manager, Konecranes Lift Trucks, South Germany. “The new generation truck fulfills all their requirements, from the technical specifications to the distinctive green and white Elementa logo on the truck body. As we share a long and mutually satisfactory relationship, we are looking forward to continuing our work with Elementa well into the future.

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