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Customer story

Good relationships are at the heart of good business

The Friedrich Tiemann Group started out as a stevedoring company in 1905. In the 100+ years since then, it has expanded to provide, in addition to its traditional stevedoring, a range of associated logistics services that include container freight and storage, technical services and export packaging. With 270 employees spread across two locations in the twin cities of Bremen and Bremerhaven in northwest Germany, they operate on a combined total of 320,000 square meters at the two city ports.

With Konecranes Lift Trucks from the start

Dieter Kanning, a Chairman to the Advisory Board and a Senior Manager at Friedrich Tiemann, made first contact with with Hans Matzner, one of the founding partners of Konecranes Lift Trucks, only six months after the lift truck manufacturer was established in Sweden in 1994. In that early period, Dieter also met two other Konecranes Lift Trucks founders, Nils Olof Larsson and Olle Österlund. It wasn’t long before Mr. Kanning ordered a forklift, and Konecranes was able to deliver that truck quickly, at the right price.

The Friedrich Tiemann manager was impressed with the Konecranes attention to detail, both in the equipment they sold and in their customer service. He soon ordered more lift trucks with some technical modifications and they supplied exactly what he requested.

“We’ve always been able to speak directly with the Konecranes factory,” says Mr. Kanning. “We can tell them what technical changes we want and they do what we ask. So our yards are very productive because our lift truck drivers are more efficient than ever.”

Alerts warn drivers about potential overloads, which helps avoid accidents. The company also uses TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring to manage and maintain their fleet by following truck use in real-time. Drivers have expressed their appreciation for the good design and high performance of Konecranes equipment.

Alexander Schaf, Reach Stacker Driver for Friedrich Tiemann, likes the wide visibility from the control cabin. “There’s lots of light and everything is open from the sides,” he says. “You can see very well.” His colleague Dennis Walz, another Reach Stacker Driver, enjoys working with Konecranes equipment. “I’m very happy with the Konecranes machines,” he says. “They’re reliable and never let you down.”

Not just a product, but a partnership

“Konecranes lift trucks are high-quality machines that deliver excellent performance, outstanding durability and real driver comfort at a reasonable price,” continues Mr. Kanning. “Our yard’s been able to maintain high productivity and on-site safety, with minimal downtime and operational costs.”

Almost 30 years since they first made contact, Friedrich Tiemann has bought more than 60 lift trucks from Konecranes. But this is not just brand loyalty. Communication and trust has been the key to their joint success.

“The most important thing in any business relationship is trust,” concludes Mr. Kanning. “You have to be able to trust what a vendor promises, trust the product when it arrives, and trust the after-sales service. Trust developed quickly with Konecranes and continues with them today. This is not just about buying a good product. It’s a real partnership.”

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