Konecranes has supplied the BLG Logistics Group, an international logistics company, with the special forklift truck SMV 32-1200 RoRo.

More on the BLG Logistics Group

The BLG Logistics Group, with headquarters in Bremen, is an international provider of logistics services with subsidiaries and investments in 90 locations across the world. The Group specializes in automotive, contract and container logistics and employs more than 15,000 employees worldwide.

Starting point

The BLG division WindEnergy Logistics establishes on the “ABC Peninsula” in Bremerhaven a central interim warehouse for tripods, three-legged foundation elements for offshore wind energy plants, made of steel and weighing up to 900 tonnes. The tripods are stored on concrete segments weighing 30 tonnes. A powerful special forklift truck is needed in order to transport them and place them under the tripods. An experienced supplier of heavy-duty forklift trucks is required.

BLG Logistics story pictureRequirements

The new special forklift truck must have low collapsed height and high load carrying capacity, including a particulate filter for particle-free exhaust. In addition, high performance with low consumption is required for ramp operation on RoRo ships (roll-on/roll-off).


Konecranes developed a powerful special forklift truck with very low collapsed height and lifting hydraulics with demand-regulated pumping technology, perfectly suitable for transporting heavy loads such as concrete segments for tripods as well as machine components. The special truck is also equipped with an electronic overload, monitoring and safety system (EMC).


Konecranes supplies the special forklift truck type SMV 32-1200 RoRo with a load carrying capacity of up to 32 tonnes and a very low collapsed height of 2.95 meters. Due to the high engine power, the particle filter is especially designed as double filter with double exhaust system. Engine, gears and cabin are controlled via a CAN-Bus (Controller Area Network), a fieldbus for serial data transmission.

Customer benefits

The compact special forklift truck is able to safely drive under the tripods and place the concrete segment with high precision. Thanks to the special particle filter, the truck can also be used in closed halls and is kind to environment and climate. With its excellent acceleration rate, it is also able to provide efficient handling on-board RoRo ships.

Special forklift truck for BLG Logistics in detail

SMV 32-1200 RoRo
Load carrying capacity: 32 tonnes
Height: 2.95 meter
Lifting height: 3.10 meter
Load center: 1.20 meter

And what does the BLG Logistics Group say?

“We already had very positive experiences with the reach stackers and heavy-duty stackers from Konecranes Lifttrucks. The quality of the Konecranes Lifttrucks team convinced us during this project as well. All our requirements and wishes were implemented with high precision and competence. Advice and support were exceptional. The new special forklift truck is a high quality product. We are very happy that we are the first to use this product from Konecranes Lifttrucks in Germany. With its high load carrying capacity and power, it guarantees and speeds up our production and logistics processes in the offshore terminal.“

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