Top tips for improving safety

Here are some proven ways to improve the safety of lift truck operations:

  1. Use the lift truck tire pressure management system.
    Konecranes lift trucks come with a tire pressure management system that monitors the inflation of the tires. Proper inflation of tires means proper stability. When the tires are inflated properly, the truck is stable, allowing the driver to work at the rated maximum load, efficiently and safely.

  2. Use the transport mode feature.
    Available with all Konecranes reach stackers and container lift trucks, the transport mode feature prevents the operator from driving at full speed if the container is not in the correct driving position, preventing driver errors.

  3. Use the award-winning Konecranes NearGuard warning system.
    NearGuard is based on Radio Frequency Identification Detection technology. Receivers are mounted on the truck and tags are attached to obstacles and employees working in the truck’s operating area. If the truck comes too close to one of these tags, a flashing warning indicator is displayed in the cabin. NearGuard takes lift truck safety and infrastructure protection to the next level.

  4. Equip the trucks with the Konecranes electronic scale.
    Standard issue with Konecranes reach stackers, the electronic scale alerts drivers if the truck is overloaded, increasing safety and minimizing technical failure.

  5. Use the fire alarm and fire suppression system.
    Konecranes offers an effective fire prevention system that can be activated manually or automatically.

  6. Use the parking distance control system.
    Our lift trucks are equipped with sensors that warn the operator if the truck comes too close to obstacles. The system is similar to that used in high-end automobiles.

  7. Use the onboard breath analyzer.
    The breath analyzer is an alcohol test unit that requires the operator to take a breath test before starting the vehicle.

  8. Start using the camera supervision system.
    Mounted in the rear or front of the vehicle, this system provides additional visibility for accident prevention.

  9. Use EMC Master.
    The Electronic Machine Control Master monitors all the vital components and functions of the lift truck and has a range of programmable features.

  10. Use additional LED and Xenon lights.
    Konecranes offers a range of additional LED and Xenon lights to improve visibility and safety.

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