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Tommy Sjöquist

Markaryd, Sweden
Production Leader
Because, let us never forget, that all components are critical when building premium lift trucks for a worldwide market.

What would you say are your primary assignments?

I see myself as a connecting link between the production and construction department. Which means making sure that missing product pieces appear, correct sketch work that’s not working at the first draft and putting up an agenda for the continuous improvement that we constantly need to implement to our daily routines. My job is making sure that everyone else can focus on the right thing, and, therefore, invest the right knowledge in the needed area.

When did you first start at Konecranes?

I’ve been working here since 1997 and back then I was working as an assembler at the forklift section. Later on I got the chance to advance and become a product specialist, and now I’m working as a production leader. Thanks to my first position, as an assembler, I have lots of knowledge in my backpack. Today I am grateful for the fact that I got to learn the building process and the systems we’re working in when building lift trucks. But also where to find the knowledge, that’s missing in my backpack, in-house. Because, let us never forget, that all components are critical when building premium lift trucks for a worldwide market.

What makes a good collaboration?

In this case, significant product and process related knowledge, flexibility, idéa exchanging and willingness to work closely with different departments.

What has been your biggest challenge yet?

When I took the step to become a product specialist, I must say. As your former colleagues become the one you’re supposed to lead, challenges of gaining trust within you leadership role are always crucial. I worked extremely hard do get my colleagues trust. Today, I have other types of challenges in my everyday work assignments. To mention a couple; making sure that we have the quality aspect in every little thing that we put our name on, be humble and listen to what our market is asking for.

Do you have any goals regarding your work here at Konecranes?

Yes, and that’s to meet the market requirements and to do this while not pushing our working staff too hard. The key is to come up with solutions and facilitates that makes the daily work run according to plan. I always implement the device ‘Make it work’ into everything I do, no matter what the current conditions are. In these situations; I want to give a big ‘thank you’ to my colleagues Johan Jacobsson, Magnus Nilsson, Katarina Schultz and Peter Svennarp. They’re always having a great mind when it comes to innovations and problem solving!

Sounds like a great team work you got there! Least, but not last, what makes you a proud member of the Konecranes group?
It’s so obvious that people working for Konecranes are well-being humans liking their jobs. That’s probably why we have an exceptionally low turnover when it comes to our staff. But also, what makes me most proud is that even though we build the best lift trucks on the market; we still continue striving to get even better!

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