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Camilla Quist

Markaryd, Sweden
Admin and Management support
Try and break down your goal into smaller steps, once every step is achieved take a moment to be proud of yourself.
科尼 Camilla Quist

How did your journey in Konecranes start off?

I began working for Konecranes in 2005. Before that I was home with the kids, and before that I was group manager for a large company here in Småland. Konecranes was at that time hiring a receptionist, that was tempting for me since I was only looking for a part-time job at that time.

What are your thoughts about Konecranes Lift Trucks as a business unit?

To me Konecranes has always been a growing company with even more expansion in sight. When I started working here we were under a 100 employees, so it has been a journey to remember. Since Day 1 I’ve experienced a great atmosphere here and if anything those good “vibes” have grown even stronger with time. There’s always so much room to grow here and the chance to develop your career, but only if you're willing to work hard! There are no short cuts. 

Your career story, where did it start and where will it end?

I started off, as mentioned before, in the reception and I stayed there for two years. After that I was part of the Service department and handled the machine cards. In 2009 I took a year off to be with my newborn, when I returned it was for the job as an economic administrator, with control of the company’s invoices plus the profile shop. I stayed there for four-and-a-half years and have recently moved to a new position – it is in the same department but now with a customer, instead of supplier, focus. 

What do you think has contributed to these opportunities?

I’ve worked extremely hard and have always had people around me that believed in me. That combination is crucial. A tip I would give is to try and break down your goal into smaller steps, once every step is achieved take a moment to be proud of yourself.

What type of challenge would you want to give yourself?

I love to learn new things, if I only had the time! I would be happy to be a part of the assembler team for a while with the chance to really see how the machine is built from scratch. That would give me great insight into administering some of the challenges of my work. 

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