The range


We offer you three complete lines of trucks. You will find the right lifting capacity, features and attachments in our range. When you buy one of our lift trucks, you get technology that's smarter where it matters, the lowest Total Cost of Ownership, and a lift truck made with heart.

Fork Lift Trucks

Konecranes offers one of the market’s most extensive selections of fork lift trucks with lifting capacities ranging between 10 and 65 tons. Our fork lift trucks are remarkably adaptable to industrial material handling.

We serve industries such as pulp & paper, automotive, nuclear and many more. What is your industry? What kind of material do you need to lift and move? We have the capability to provide the ideal fork lift truck for your industrial operations.

Container Lift Trucks

Konecranes has a long history of working with leading container ports and terminals that are expert buyers and operators of container lift trucks. Our customers demand a lot of us, and we have a long track record of meeting their requirements year after year.

Our product range includes empty container handlers and laden container handlers with lifting capacities ranging between 8 and 46 tons. For further information on container lift trucks, view our buyer's guide or the product pages.

Reach Stackers

Konecranes offers three main types of reach stackers: 10-45 ton reach stackers for container handling, 41-45 ton reach stackers for intermodal handling and 45-ton reach stackers for barge handling. We also work with many industrial companies that need customized reach stackers for their specific industry. Our reach stackers are remarkably adaptable to industrial cargo handling. We provide special spreaders incorporating steel grabs, lifting magnets, vacuum grippers and coil C-hooks among other attachments.

Konecranes Liftace Lift Trucks

The new Konecranes Liftace lift truck family consists of reach stackers with loading capacities up to 45 tons, empty container lift trucks with load capacities up to 9 tons, and forklift trucks with loading capacities up to 52 tons. They are dependable workhorses that are simple to maintain, and thanks to a high degree of standardization, terminal operators benefit from short delivery lead times.