Konecranes Liftace empty container handlers

Konecranes Liftace empty container handler


Robust and stable

Konecranes Liftace empty container handlers are firmly established players in numerous container terminals, offering high handling rates while being operated at competitively low costs. 

The E models, previously marketed under the name Stackace, have maximum load capacities of 8 or 9 t. The FDC models have a load capacity of 10 t, available with a double-box spreader, and offering stacking heights of 2-over-7 standard containers.

Products Container stacking height
8'6'' standard container*
Wheelbase [mm]
E 5-8 1-over-4 4,000
E 6-8 1-over-5 4,000
E 6-9 1-over-5 4,500
E 7-9 1-over-6 4,500
FDC 25K7 1-over-6 4,500
FDC 25K7 DB 2-over-6 4,500
FDC 25K8 1-over-7 4,500
FDC 25K8 DB 2-over-7 4,500

* DB versions can handle one additional container (double box)

Konecranes Liftace empty container handlers at a glance

  • Productive – working speeds for efficient handling rates
  • Economical – low fuel consumption and predictable maintenance cost
  • Simple – operation and maintenance
  • Proven technology – agile, robust and reliable
  • Safe – reliable monitoring and excellent visibility