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All the filters you need in one box

All the filters you need for your lift truck in one box. Sound good? Get it from Konecranes: a complete, lift truck-specific filter kit in one box at a very competitive price.

It is the easiest way for you to get all the right filters in one shipment. It saves time and is more economical than buying filters individually. No hunting for separate filters, and you get all them genuine, from the machine manufacturer.

4000 hours of operation with a single order

Purchase a Konecranes Lift Truck Filter Kit: one order and shipment can keep your lift truck running for 4000 hours. Combine it with a preventive maintenance program and you can easily schedule maintenance to ensure to keep your downtime as low as possible.

You will have all the parts in place. If you want to keep your lift trucks performing at their peak, only genuine filters from Konecranes are good enough.


Filter kit categories

We offer a wide range of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) filter kits of the highest quality. Samples from each filter kit category are listed below. Each kit provides you with exactly the right filters for that category.

Category Description
Transmission Transmission filters from Konecranes are hand-picked to optimize transmission performance.
Hydraulics Hydraulic filters from Konecranes are high-quality and easy to change. They can significantly lengthen the truck’s running hours between changes.
Engine Oil and air filters from Konecranes help your engine perform at its very best.
Cabin Cabin air filters from Konecranes keep the cabin air clean and safe. Your drivers deserve a safe and fresh working environment.
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