Core Exchange Systems

What is a Core Component?

When replacing a part during a repair of the vehicle the failed or used part is called a core, in our case currently one of the following parts.

  • Transmissions
  • Engines
  • Alternators
  • Starters
  • Turbo
  • Injectors
  • Terminal/Control IQAN, MDL, MG, DG

When you send the core back to us it will be remanufactured (recycled) to the original specifications by the OEM. The Remanufacturing is a thoroughly process which means completely disassembling & cleaning the core. Replacing any faulty components with quality original components then following the OEM testing procedures before being sold again.

How do I get back a Core deposit/credit?

Use the label Service Exchange Core Unit Return attached to the new/remanufactured core bought from us. Attach the label with all information filled in on the label and simply send it back to us. If no such label is attached you can download it in the Downloads section to the right on this page.

For Alternators, Starters, Turbo, Injectors, Terminal/Controlers simply send them back to us for an credit note together with above mentioned label. Once received a credit note will be issued.

For Transmissions & Engines once the core is received by us it will be inspected checking that the core is in ok condition. (If the Core is cracked no credit note will be issued.)
Also we will control that the Transmission & Engine are not dismantled, incase dismantled the parts will be deducted from the Core fee placed.

Open connections on the Core (Transmissions & Engines)

All Cores must be plugged to avoid contamination, If Core requires flushing due to missing plugs this cost will be deducted from Core Fee.

For your attention

If an core is sent in return without the attached label we do not guarantee it will be handled and credited.

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