How to reduce total cost of lift truck ownership

Here are some proven ways to reduce the total cost of lift truck ownership:

  1. Keep to preventive maintenance schedules – taking the time to do preventive maintenance will alleviate your operational pressure in the long run.

  2. Use original Konecranes spare parts. They might cost a little more than generic spares, but they are more than worth it in terms of truck reliability and performance, saving you money in the long run.

  3. Use the Konecranes load-sensing hydraulic system. All Konecranes lift trucks come with a load-sensing hydraulic system that intelligently allocates the truck’s power where needed, when needed.

  4. Use Konecranes TRUCONNECT® for lift trucks. Remote monitoring and reporting for lift trucks is an excellent tool for lift truck management. TRUCONNECT® provides online views and reports on lift truck performance that provide insight for improving fleet efficiency, productivity and safety.

  5. Use the tire pressure management system. Keep your lift truck tires inflated properly for maximum stability and performance.

  6. Use the Konecranes Hydraulic Long Life (HLL) filter. Regular use of the HLL filter increases uptime and saves money.

  7. Use smart fuel-saving techniques such as Auto Throttle, driving speed limitation and the automatic engine shut-down function. Available as an option for all Konecranes lift trucks and standard with all Konecranes reach stackers, the Auto Throttle increases RPM when the boom or spreader is being operated, increasing productivity and optimizing fuel consumption. Use the programmable driving speed limitation function to limit the maximum driving speed to e.g. 15 – 25 km/h (unloaded) and to 10 – 20 km/h (loaded). The idling timer can also be programmed and limited to 2 – 10 minutes. 

  8. Use the Konecranes EcoDrive Module to monitor driving habits. The EcoDrive Module records driving data so that trucks and drivers can be benchmarked and compared. You can educate your drivers to operate your trucks in the most economical and environmentally friendly way possible.

  9. Activate the "Transport Mode" which prevents the operator from driving at full speed if the container is not in the correct driving position.

  10. Annual inspections are a proven way to reduce costs when managing a fleet. In the long term, a well-oiled machine will last longer and operate more efficiently than a machine that has not been inspected often.

  11. Use our pre-heaters in a cold climate and heat protection options in a hot climate. If you operate your trucks in a dusty environment, look into our filter options.

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