Reach stackers for barge handling

Konecranes reach stackers for barge handling offer high lifting capacity, great reach and unmatched flexibility. While specialized for barge handling, they are extremely versatile and can take on a wide range of other handling tasks.

The reach stacker models available for barge handling are listed below. Please refer to our latest reach stacker brochure or contact your nearest sales representative for more information and technical specifications.

Our models

Model name Capacity Wheelbase
SMV 4644 TC4 BH 46-38-24 t (yard) & 46-31-19 t (barge) 7500 mm
SMV 4644 TCX4 BH* 46-42-32 t (yard) & 46-38-27 t (barge) 7500 mm
SMV 4646 TC3 BH 46-46-36 t (yard) & 46-38-31 t (barge) 9000 mm
SMV 4646 TCX4 BH* 46-46-43-34 t (yard) & 46-45-37-28 t (barge) 9000 mm
BH** = Capacity with support jacks included

Strong service

When you invest in a Konecranes reach stacker for barge handling, you get the world's hardest-working reach stacker and service provided by the world's most dedicated lift truck specialists. If you need technical support, training or maintenance, the Konecranes lift truck team is here to ensure that your industrial barge reach stackers always operate at their best.

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