World's first hybrid reach stacker

Konecranes is a pioneer in the lifting industry with over 20 years of experience in manufacturing reach stackers. The world’s first hybrid reach stacker combines time-tested, heavy-duty Konecranes technology with innovative, eco-efficient features to enhance productivity, cut fuel consumption, and reduce emissions. With improved operator performance and maintenance-friendly solutions, the hybrid reach stacker leads the way to the future of container handling.

Learn how the modern container handling terminal DIT works with Hybrid reach stackers in their operation.

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The economic fuel consumption, lowered environmental impact, and excellent performance of the hybrid reach stacker are made possible by electrifying all flows of energy in the lift truck. The reach stacker recovers the energy created from braking and lowering loads and stores it in the super capacitor for later use. A fuel efficient diesel engine propels a generator, and basically provides needed electric energy to the energy storage. The energy storage in turn provides electric power to the electric drive motor as well as to the electrical motors that drive the hydraulic pumps. All electric motors can operate in generation mode, returning brake energy as well as load lowering energy through the hydraulic return flow back to the energy storage.

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