Ziegler Group operates Europe’s largest sawmill in Plössberg, Bavaria, near the border between Germany and the Czech Republic. The wood and logistics experts of the family company established in 1948 send their goods across the world via the container terminal in nearby Wiesau, as well as 18 other locations.Konecranes has designed a reach stacker for the container terminal of Ziegler Group in Wiesau, Bavaria. It meets the terminal’s specific requirements in terms of robustness, performance, and special noise restrictions.

Starting point

Wooden goods, from logs to woodchips, as well as containers for logistics customers are handled in the Wiesau rail and truck terminal. There must be transported in containers that weight up to 45 tons, under the open sky and also partly on unpaved ground, from trains to trucks and back or to a temporary storage area for 1,500 containers.


Outdoor working conditions are rough. Dust and other particles are dispersed and settle on and in the reach stacker. The hydraulic systems of the reach stacker should therefore be very robust. Moreover, strict noise limits apply to the terminal, because it is located close to a residential area. For this reason, the reach stacker must be very quiet when in operation.

The solution

Konecranes designed a special reach stacker for Ziegler Group, which delicately, quickly, and safely transports the up to 12-meter-long containers in the Wiesau terminal. At the same time, the new reach stacker is very quiet in operation and can withstand rough conditions. The 8,3-meter-long reach stacker SMV 4527 TC5 lifts containers weighing several tons to a height of up to 15 meters. Furthermore, a special engine encapsulation and a perfect engine-drive combination decrease the noise emissions of the machine by 3 decibels, while a blue spotlight replaces the acoustic backup signal. The hydraulic system of the reach stacker is equipped with an HLL (Hydraulic Longlife) microfilter that collects particles as small as 3 µm.

Customer benefits

  • The new reach stacker, specially designed for Ziegler Group, lifts its load quickly, delicately, and safely.
  • Thanks to its microfilter system it is also very robust and meets the terminal’s special noise restrictions.
  • With its ergonomic Optima cabin, the reach stacker offers drivers a very pleasant working environment.
Ziegel main image

“At our rail and truck terminal in Wiesau we handle wooden goods in containers that weigh up to 45 tons. Every machine must work seamlessly, because we are only allowed to operate a certain number of devices at one time due to noise restrictions. Thus, the Konecranes reach stacker is a perfect addition to our fleet thanks to its level of performance and quiet operation.”

Georg Adelt,
Central Purchasing

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